These logos are provided for the exclusive use of the MSU community on university-related projects. All users of these logos must understand and adhere to the MSU Graphic Identity Standards.

The files are organized according to type of final output: print vs. monitor display such as Powerpoint. Due to significant differences between these, the files have different resolutions, color-modes and compression. Logos intended for computer monitors, or online uses, are in formats that can be used cross-platform by both Macs and PCs. For more information about which file format to use, go to our File Format information page.

The MSU logo in reverse (the M and Montana Sate University text in white) is also available for use, but is not available for download on this page. If you need the MSU logo to be used on a dark background please contact Ron Lambert and identify what file format or program you are using.

If you need assistance with logos for your project, please contact Ron Lambert in MSU Creative Services for assistance. He may be reached by phone at 994-5128 or by e-mail at Ron Lambert

The MSU Logo

Special attention must be paid to the use of the MSU logo. Since this is the official university signature, there are specific guidelines regarding its use. Modification of the logo in any way other than resizing is not permitted. Please refer to the MSU Graphics Identity Policy before using the logo. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact Julie Kipfer for assistance.

The MSU logo must be used as outlined in the Graphic Identity Policy. However, the MSU graphic design review group will consider requests for exceptions to the policy. Read the Logo Exemption Q&A before applying for exemption, and then fill out the logo exemption form.

Brand Extensions and Sub-brand logos are available for:

  • all MSU academic colleges
  • MSU Library
  • Montana Agricultural Experiment Station
  • MSU Extension
  • MSU Alumni Foundation
  • Bobcat Athletics

All academic departments and research centers that are directly affiliated with an academic college of one of these agencies or organizations should use that organization's brand extension (e.g., Department of Physics would use the brand extension for the College of Letters and Science). All other MSU entities should use the MSU core logos available for download above.

To request your college or organization's brand extension logo, contact your organization's communications specialist (usually located in the dean or director's office), or contact Ron Lambert. If you are unsure of which logo to use, contact Julie Kipfer, University Marketing Director.

Core Logo -- Vertical Setting

MSU logo
 For Print EPS (vector) JPG (raster)
Blue and Gold (CMYK Process) 494 K 325 K
Blue and Gold (2 PMS Spot Colors) 368 K --
Black only (Line Art) 356 K 140 K
Grayscale (Grayscale) 357 K 194 K

 For Web JPG (raster) PNG (transparent raster)
Full Color (RGB) 229 K 9 K

Core Logo -- Horizontal Setting

MSU logo
 For Print EPS (vector) JPG (raster)
Blue and Gold (CMYK Process) 477 K 237 K
Blue and Gold (2 PMS Spot Colors) 328 K --
Blue only (PMS 1-Spot Color) 328 K --
Black only (Line Art) 327 K 104 K
Grayscale (Grayscale) 327 K 103 K

 For Web JPG (raster) PNG (transparent raster)
Full Color (RGB) 183 K 14 K
Full Color (RGB Small) 35 K 9 K
Reverse 164 K 14 K

Core Logo with Mountains & Minds tagline

MSU Core Logo w/ Mountains and Minds
 For Print EPS (vector) JPG (raster)
Blue and Gold (CMYK Process) 380 K 356 K
Blue and Gold (2 PMS Spot Colors) 459 K --
Black only (Line Art) 456 K 126 K
Grayscale (Grayscale) 456 K 125 K

 For Web JPG (raster) PNG (transparent raster)
Full Color (RGB) 199 K 47 K
Full Color (RGB Small) 47 K 15 K
Blue only (RGB) 195 K 47 K
Blue only (RGB Small) 52 K 15 K
Grayscale (RGB) 125 K 43 K
Grayscale (RGB Small) 41 K 10 K

Mountains & Minds tagline without logo

Mountains and Minds w/o Logo
 For Print EPS (vector) JPG (raster)
Blue (CMYK Process) 315 K 82 K
Blue (1 PMS Spot Color) 711 K --
 For Web JPG (raster) PNG (transparent raster)
Blue only (RGB) 43 K 8 K