MSU-Bozeman has a proud history of accommodating persons with disabilities, and the staff at the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is committed to providing you with the direction, advice and services needed to allow you the opportunity to participate fully in the rich and varied life at Montana State University. ODS is committed to facilitating Montana State University's goal of making its programs, services, and activities accessible to students with disabilities. Toward this end, ODS strives to enhance awareness of, and sensitivity to, the needs of persons with disabilities at MSU and to ensure full access to educational opportunity for persons with disabilities as required under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Although a student's academic and accommodation histories are important, there are other factors which are considered in determining what, if any, accommodations are currently appropriate. The receipt of services in a previous setting does not automatically indicate that identical services will be provided here.

Students may be asked to provide updated comprehensive information if their condition is potentially changeable and/or previous documentation doesn't include sufficient relevant information.

Documentation Guideline

The following guidelines for physical (including mobility, manual, hearing and visual) disabilities are provided to assist students who plan to submit clinical documentation to ODS:

  • The clinician is qualified to make the diagnosis in the area of specialization. (It is not considered appropriate for professionals to evaluate members of their own families).
  • The evaluation is current, usually within 3 months, and contains the date of the last appointment with the student.
  • The clinician clearly indicates a claimed disability as defined under the ADA.
  • Documentation clearly supports the claimed disability with relevant medical and other history.
  • The evaluation contains a description of current medications, treatments and assistive devices and technologies with estimated effectiveness in ameliorating the impact of the disability, i.e., extent of effectiveness of corrective lenses, use of assistive listening devices, etc.; and history of medication side effects known to have affected the student.
  • There is a description of the functional limitations resulting from the disability which specifically addresses a post-secondary residential educational setting; and reference to allowable activities is included.
  • The documentation clearly supports the direct link to and need for the requested accommodations.

The student should submit a completed "Physical Disability Verification" form and any other additional information to their Accommodate profile using their NetId and Password. 

Disability Documentation Guidelines

Disability Documentation Review Process