photos of bikes 

Welcome to the first edition of the MSU Data Challenge! This event is organized by the Data Infrastructure & Scholarly Communication group, a joint effort from the University Information Technology and the Library.

This year the topic of the data challenge is bike parking on campus, in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability. Participants are invited to crunch data on bike racks location and capacity; building location and occupancy; and sidewalk locations to suggest how to best redeploy (or expand on) the existing racks to best serve the campus biking community. All these datasets will be provided to participants.

The proposals will be evaluated by stakeholders from around campus. The best proposals will use any combination of data visualization and/or algorithmic approaches to suggest how to optimize bike parking with respect to walking distance to classrooms, aesthetic of the parking spaces, access to snowplows, and feasibility. The best proposals will share $1,000 in cash prize!