Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 happens at short distances between a susceptible and an infectious patient or by direct contact of a susceptible with surfaces where the virus is present. The virus is relatively large (for virus standards) which may limit considerably its potential for “floating” for large distances in aerosols, for instance in little droplets of saliva from the mouth of someone talking. This is why 6ft is the recommended distance to keep when interaction with another person is needed. Think about the length of your favorite pair of touring skis!  Depending on your height, they are likely close to 6 feet in length.

Because the infection by SARS-CoV-2 causes respiratory symptoms which may include cough or sneezing, the virus may be present in surfaces near an infected person, its hands or on objects that the person may have touched. These surfaces can maintain the virus infectious for some time (check this post for details) being a source of infection when we touch those surfaces and then touch our face, nose or mouth which are the main route of infection. Washing your hands very often with abundant soap, as well as avoiding touching things (specially in public spaces where we don’t know if an infectious patient was there), and washing objects and surfaces near infectious patients are crucial to protect you and others of infection by this coronavirus.   Posts related to the topics outlined will appear below!

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