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The paleontology option in the Department of Earth Sciences is designed for those students who have a strong interest in geology and biology, specifically vertebrate or invertebrate fossil organisms. The paleo-option builds on courses that form the core of the traditional geology option, while providing a strong background in paleontology through four required courses (including the paleontology summer field course) and two elective courses. All of the paleontology courses offered through the department provide upper division credits. The paleontology option provides the background needed for those seeking employment with natural history museums (fossil collections and curation). Graduate training beyond the bachelor's degree is considered essential for those seeking a career in teaching and/or research (typically a doctorate). Additionally, some job opportunities for paleontologists exist in the petroleum industry, normally for those with a master's degree. 

Paleontology Curriculum Sheet

MSU China Paleontology Expedition

The 2011crew was featured in Scientific American Magazine!