The create and edit Assignments page has an updated look and feel. The classic tabbed view has been transformed into a new, fully immersive page layout.

Layout of the new functionality.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_11 - the updated look and feel of the new Assignment creation screen

The primary panel on the left contains frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields are most relevant to learners and are the core details instructors want to add; a due date, instructions, and attachments.

The panel on the right organizes additional, more advanced options such as start and end dates, rubrics, annotation tools, and Turnitin. When these options are collapsed, summary text provides details about which settings are active and subtle hints that aid in the discovery of additional settings. As a result, you can see everything at a glance with little to no scrolling, and without having to navigate through any tabs.


Linking an assignment to the grades area.

The new experience streamlines the process of linking assignments to your gradebook. When you enter a score, your assignment is added to Grades, and the name and score are automatically synced for you. If you traditionally create grade items in advance, support for selecting existing grades and categories is also available.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_11 - the new add to grades workflow


The new assignment create/edit page with the opt-in/opt-out pull down menu.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_11 - the new assignment create/edit page with the opt-in/opt-out pull down menu

As an Instructor, if you are opting out of the new experience, a prompt appears encouraging you to leave feedback on the new experience.


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originally released 202006

CD 202011