The "TOP Basic-Level Course (Emergency Prep Version)" is a course accessible through the Brightspace "Discover" link off the "My Home" page of instructors in the MSU-Brightspace system.

The course is designed to equip instructors with the knowledge and skills to get started in an effective and efficient manner with teaching online using research-based, best practices. Prepared and offered by the MSU-Bozeman Center for Faculty Excellence.

Enroll into the course for access

 Login to Brightspace and select the "Discover" link off the "My Home" page.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_04  - select the "Discover" link off the My Home Navigation bar


 Select the course link.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_04 - select the course link


Enroll in the course by selecting the blue "Enroll In Course" button.

Instructors are enrolled as "Student" role in the course.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_04 - select the "Enroll In Course" button


 After the "Successfully Enrolled" dialogue box displays, select the blue "OK" button.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_04 - the "Successfully Enrolled" dialogue box displays - select "OK" to send it away


The course can be accessed via the "Select a course..." area, by selecting the "Discover" link from the "My Home" nav bar, or, after being pinned, via the "My Courses" widget.

Brightspace screenshot - CD 20_20_04 - access the course via the "Select a course..." icon off the mini-bar



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What dialogue box windows look like and how dialogue box windows and browsers interact is dependent upon the operating system and browser being used. The screenshots in this tutorial may differ from the screen that the user is viewing when performing the actions described in this tutorial.

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