You can access your unofficial online transcript in the "Secure Area" of MyInfo . Please note that while grades are posted throughout finals week, your final GPA is not calculated until typically the middle of the week following finals week. Academic standing is not posted until this final GPA calculation is complete. It is the student's responsibility to check your grades each term and to be informed about your academic standing (e.g. good standing, probation, suspend warning, and/or suspended).

An "I" (Incomplete) grade may be given in these situations. If you have satisfactorily completed at least three-quarters of the course requirements, you may be eligible for an incomplete, "I" grade. Discuss this with your instructor. Your instructor may request the Dean of Students (SUB 174) contact you to certify that you are unable to fulfill your commitments due to illness, death, family emergencies, or military orders. It is your responsibility to complete all the remaining course requirements by the date agreed upon with the instructor. Incomplete grades which are not made-up may lapse to an "F" grade.

See your instructor to discuss why you cannot meet the deadline. Your instructor might be able to issue an "I" grade extension allowing you more time to complete the work.

When all work has been completed and graded, your instructor will process a grade change form. The Registrar will post your grade within a few days after receiving the form.

Visit with your instructor to discuss how you were graded. If the instructor finds that a clerical error was made in grading your work, a grade change form can be processed. Grade appeal procedures are described at: