Only the ECNS 101IS course does not require a math pre-requisite. All other courses require that students are either co-registered or have completed at least M 121 (College Algebra), and many upper-division courses in the majors offered by the DAEE require students to complete at least one calculus course (M 161 or M 171). 

Initial math course placement is determined via your AP Credit, ACT or SAT Math scores. The MSU math placement flow chart will give you an idea of which MSU mathematics or statistics course you can enroll in based on your current ACT or SAT Math scores. Please review the math placement flowchart here

If you would like to enroll in a higher-level math course than your score allows, you can attempt a higher placement by taking the Math Placement Level Exam (MPLEX) during your Orientation session or by scheduling an appointment with Testing Services. A sample MPLEX can be found on the mathematical sciences website at:

For additional information about math placement, please visit