The DAEE Student Success Coordinator is Mariah Stopplecamp.

No. Ensure that your question cannot be answered using this Academic Advising FAQ. The vast majority of questions are answered here. If you submit a question that is answered here, you will be referred to this FAQ.

First, determine whether your question is about an administrative issue (e.g., course exception; transfer credits, etc.) or a professional/academic issue (e.g., career or internship opportunities; deciding which course is best to enroll in; independent study/research ideas).  If the question is of professional/academic nature, please contact your academic advisor. If the question is about an administrative issue, you will need to contact the Student Services coordinator.

To contact Mariah Stopplecamp, DAEE Student Success Coordinator, email [email protected].  Please schedule an appointment by visiting the appointment scheduler below:

Please note that walk-ins without a scheduled appointment are not permitted. Students who show up without a scheduled appointment will be referred to the appointment scheduler.