Yes, Linfield 409A is the Department of Agricultural Economics & Economics (DAEE) Undergraduate Research Lab. The lab is open 8 am – 5 pm on every University class day.  Linfield 409A is available only for DAEE majors and minors.  The equipment includes six computers and one large digital screen.

Linfield 404 is the DAEE Teaching Assistants’ Office and most DAEE Teaching Assistants hold their office hours in Linfield 404.  Please check your ECNS or AGBE course syllabus for specific office hours of your Teaching Assistant(s).

Students are also welcome to study quietly at the tables in the open areas of the department on the third floor of Linfield Hall. 

There are a number of group study rooms in Renne Library that students can reserve online at:

The 3rd floor of Renne Library is also available as a quiet area reserved for students.