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Elementary Education & Early Childhood (P-3) Coursework
Elementary Education Practicum I & II (EDP 301/302)

All Elementary Education majors registering for a practicum must submit a plan of study for all remaining coursework prior to student teaching. This will allow the Education advisors to verify your plan of study before registering you for your courses.

In the fields that follow, please list each course you plan to take during the corresponding semesters. Please be sure to verify the following:
  1. All remaining courses are planned, including major, minor, option, and core requirements, as well as any elective courses.
  2. Courses planned for a single semester do not create time conflicts. Use the Education department's Elementary Education scheduling tools, as well as the schedule of courses available at
Practicum courses can be selected from the list below the planning section.
5-12 and K-12 Education Coursework
Practicum 5-12/K-12 (EDP 304/305) – For students in the following majors:

Social Studies Broadfield | Art Education | History Teaching |  Mathematics Teaching | Modern Languages Teaching

The practicum lecture meets once per week and is required for the majors listed above.

Practicum labs are required for the majors listed above. Students pursuing one or more teaching minor may request additional practicum lab placements for each minor. Labs are scheduled (officially) in 3-hour blocks on either M/W or T/R, either morning or afternoon. This is a minimum commitment. If at all possible, we recommend that you try to arrange your schedule such that you are available during a 2-3 hour block during the school day on three consecutive days each week. On this form, simply indicate which official lab time you wish to register for.