Department Name

Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons (DISC), LGBTQ student support

Description of Opportunity

Position duration

This position is for 19 hours/week for 10 months (AY).

Position description

  • Manage and coordinate the LGBTQ Mentors Program
    • Recruit mentors and mentees who would benefit from participating in the program
    • Research best practices for mentoring programs
    • Develop a curriculum and materials for training mentors
    • Communicate with mentors and mentees to ensure that they are meeting and that they have the necessary resources to be successful
  • Provide support to LGBTQ students
    • Act as the first point of contact for LGBTQ students in need of resources, information, guidance, connections, or referrals. Build relationships across campus to spread awareness of LGBTQ support services.
    • Meet with students who come to the office looking for support around topics of gender and sexual orientation. This includes having one on one meetings with students, providing support in group settings, and creating an environment in which students can provide each other with needed support around gender and sexual identity.
    • Stay up to date with local and national resources and programs that are relevant for LGBTQ student success
  • Lead the coordination of LGBTQ-focused events such as National Coming Out Day activities, Transgender Day of Remembrance, LGBTQ History Month, and Lavender Celebration
  • Work with campus units to support campus-wide initiatives which support LGBTQ students
    • Collaborate with Residence Life staff to assist with the implementation of gender inclusive housing. This could include developing terminology for applications, screening applicants, advising on roommate matches, and resolving conflicts
    • Consult with campus units which strive to be more inclusive; may include reviewing tools and materials, discussing topics with them, etc.
  • Support the coordination of the Safe Zone program
    • Assist with marketing the program and encouraging offices, departments, and classes to request trainings
    • Update the Safe Zone training materials and curriculum
    • Attend monthly trainings for Safe Zone trainers
    • Maintain Safe Zone website with up to date content and training information
    • Coordinate details for workshops across campus, ie. Reserving spaces, communicating with attendees, preparing materials.

Field-based skill development description

The Graduate Assistant will work in the Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons (DISC) with a strong focus on LGBTQ student support, and will also gain experience working directly with students from other underrepresented identity groups. Working in the DISC, the GTA will work with a number of campus departments and student groups to implement programs, build relationships, and integrate diversity into institutional conversations. This develops a deeper understanding of the institution’s structure, landscape, and functions. In working closely with college students, the GTA will also strengthen their foundational knowledge of student learning, development, culture, demographics, and sub-populations which inform current educational practice. This position will offer opportunities to put educational research into practice.

Transferable/portable skill development description

This position will help the GTA develop facilitation skills for presentations and trainings, organization and leadership of meetings and projects, critical thinking and problem solving skills, program management, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of diversity issues.

Preferred skills/qualifications

  • Personal experience or previous work with LGBTQ college students or other LGBTQ populations
  • Professionalism and maturity
  • Solid understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Oral, written, and/or nonverbal communication skills
  • Respect for and appreciation of a broad range of diverse identities
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Benefits of the GTA

  • Stipend: $1,100 per month over a 10-month period, August to May.
  • The appointment is for no more than 19 hours/week.
  • The GTA also receives additional supplement provided by DISC, at the amount agreed to by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • In-state tuition remission up to 6 credits/term are available for successful candidates but is not guaranteed.

To apply for a position

Please submit the following to Diversity & Inclusion Student Commons [, PO Box 172100, Bozeman, MT 59717]:

  1. Current resumé or CV
  2. Contact information for two professional references
  3. Letter of interest for this position

In addition, you will be expected to meet all of the Graduate School Qualifications:

  • Full-time, degree-seeking graduate student accepted into the Adult & Higher Education program at MSU*
  • Maintain term enrollment of a minimum of 6 credits
  • Cumulative, and program of study GPA must be 3.0 or better
  • Make satisfactory annual progress toward degree achievement

* This position was developed in partnership with the Adult & Higher Education program. Students who are enrolled in another department or graduate program at MSU may also be eligible to apply for this position, and they will be responsible for exploring available tuition remission options within their specific department or program.

This position is part of the Graduate Student Union. As such, the student in the position must pay monthly union dues. If workplace issues arise, the student in the position will need to take concerns to their supervisor or the University’s Human Resources department.