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214 Reid Hall
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-2880


Bill Freese coordinates the assessment system for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) and assists with other departmental data needs. He maintains the department website and provides educational technology support.

Bill came to MSU as a student in 1974, joined the faculty in 1982 and ran the Instructional Media Lab until it closed in 2010. He is a Miles City, Montana native who studied physics and philosophy in college before graduating with a degree in history and a minor in library science. The minor included three courses in instructional media, which turned out to be a three-decade profession. No longer teaching, Bill now works with the rest of the faculty involved in the TEP program, both in and out of the Department of Education, in acquiring, organizing and accessing the data needed to maintain and improve the program. He also assists faculty with their instructional technology needs, mostly because he enjoys doing that.

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No Current Teaching Assignment

Despite no longer teaching, Bill cannot resist instructional media, with particular interests in digital production and virtual world learning environments.

Equipment Checkout

Bill ran the Instructional Media Lab for many years, but those years are over. If you need audio-visual equipment and are faculty or staff in the Department of Education, contact the main office (994-6501). Otherwise, contact Renne Library Technology Checkouts (994-3139).