As students enter and progress through the Department of Education, faculty and staff are prepared to support students as they complete their programs of study.  The entire department is ready to ensure each student can be successful during their time at MSU and is prepared to be successful in their chosen career.

The Department of Education expects students to meet the Department of Education’s Professional Competencies & Dispositions for Professional Educators.

The TEP Student Success Team is trained to assist faculty and staff identify and reach out to students in need of academic and/or dispositional development. The Student Success Team also works with faculty, staff, and students to facilitate that development, following a model of support based loosely on the MTSS model.

The Student Success Team consists of: 

Faculty are encouraged to reach out to any or all members of the Student Success Team at any time regarding questions or concerns about student behavior, either positive or negative.

Student of Excellence

Students who exceed expectations are eligible to be nominated for the TEP Student of Excellence Award.Nominees will be recognized by the Education Department Head, and one student per semester will be selected for additional recognition from other College-level leadership.All students who are recognized will be invited to the TEP Induction and Student Teacher send-off event to be recognized publicly for their great work. To recognize a student, please send an email to John Melick.

Opportunities for Student Growth 

There are three levels of support offered for student growth:

In some cases a faculty member may wish to document a conversation with a student. To document a conversation that you have had with a student please submit this form
Students who continue to struggle with meeting  these expectations will receive a warning. If you have ongoing thoughts about a students progress please consult with someone from the Student Success Team.  Faculty members, field supervisors, or other clinical faculty should use the Department’s Student Consultation Form to address such issues after consulting the Student Support Team.


 If a student continues to experience difficulty, she or he may be placed on a Professional Improvement Plan as follows:
  • The faculty or staff member identifies the area(s) for improvement and contacts the Student Support Team to identify a remediation plan.
  • If, after consultation, agreement about the area(s) for improvement in need of remediation, or the manner in which the problem will be addressed, cannot be reached, the student may meet with:
    • The Director of Field Placement & Licensure (in the case of concerns arising from field experience or student teaching experience), or
    • The Education Department Head (in all other cases)
  • The Department Head or Director of Field Placement & Licensure will issue a written confirmation of their decision for remediation.  
  • In the course of any Professional Improvement Plan, sanctions may be imposed by the Department Head (e.g. oral or written reprimand; special, additional, or repeat assignments; reduced or failing course grade; or removal from the program).  Decisions concerning any improvement plan, including sanctions, are subject to the Student Academic Grievance Procedure (sect. 500 of the conduct guidelines and grievance procedures for students)
  • Documentation of the Professional Improvement Plan is retained by the Department Head until the student’s graduation.

College of EHHD Student Success Procedures and Resources

University Academic Misconduct Procedures

If necessary, faculty may review the Academic Misconduct Guidelines as outlined by Montana State University, and submit an Academic Misconduct Reporting Form to the Dean of Students Office.

The complete list of MSU conduct guidelines and grievance procedures can be found here.