The LFCP has had an interesting history at MSU.  The Leadership Institute, under Carmen McSpadden’s direction, provided extracurricular leadership opportunities for students.  Over time, though, students began requesting additional academic options. That is how the Leadership Fellows Certificate Program was born. It became the academic side of the Leadership Institute.Students from all disciplines at Montana State University have asked for more classes in leadership studies.  Education, Health and Human Development (EHHD) responded to the call by providing an engaging curriculum through the Leadership Fellows Certificate Program (LFCP).  

Over the next couple years, Leadership Fellows slowly began to attract more and more students. It seemed, though, that despite best efforts to get the word out, Leadership Fellows remained one of MSU’s best kept secrets.  Leadership Fellows needed a college to call home. Fortunately, Dean Harmon recognized the program’s value and, in summer of 2018, brought this important program into the Department of Education’s loving arms. 

MSU students clearly wish to acquire the leadership understandings and competencies to create positive change not only in themselves but in their communities and around the world. Students from all majors and areas of study have the opportunity to practice leadership and community development on a local to global level. Leadership Fellows is a wonderful place to begin that journey. For four additional credits, students from any program of study (not just EHHD students) have the opportunity to obtain the very marketable Leadership Fellows Certificate upon graduation.

If you would like to learn more about the Leadership Fellows Certificate, contact. Stephanie Lindsay at: [email protected]. The Leadership Fellows office is in Reid 242. leadership fellows logo