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The MSU Office of Student Engagement provides and facilitates student engagement opportunities for MSU students through a variety of programs, events, services, and activities. It serves as the hub for students interested in connecting with their fellow Bobcats through the Associated Students of MSU (student government), student organizations, campus programs and events, and engaging in service to the community. 


Mission: The OSE fosters meaningful engagement opportunities that challenge, support, and empower students to be leaders on campus, in the community and beyond.

Vision: Transform students through life-changing engagement experiences.

Accomplishments and Highlights

*Most program statistics were affected by COVID-19


MSU Debut

The first year is pivotal in the academic, social, and emotional development of students entering their undergraduate career. In particular, experiences encountered in the first six weeks significantly influence a student’s academic commitment and engagement with the university community. MSU Debut was built with the intention of advancing student engagement opportunities, better integrating the myriad of university programs and services to optimize the undergraduate experience, and guiding students to craft their identity as a college student. 


Fall 2020 MSU Debut Events

·      Bobcat Outdoor Challenge

·      Virtual Catapalooza

·      Student Unity Photo Mosaic

·      Bike Ride Boogie

·      Zumba

·      Rec Sports & Fitness Showcase

·      Line Dancing

·      Welcome Tents & Pancake Breakfast

·      BIPOC Student Meet and Greet

·      LGBTQ+ Student Meet and Greet

·      Bike Ride Boogie

·      BIPOC BBQ and Lawn Games

·      RHA's Movie on the Lawn (featuring Wall-E)

·      Rockin' the M

·      Fun Run or Walk

·      Decorate Your Campus Day!

·      Convocation

·      Firework Display - Cancelled

·      Convocation Service Saturday

·      Gold Rush - Cancelled

·      Country Line Dancing

·      Virtual Involvement & Study Abroad Fair


Spring 2021 MSU Debut Events

·      Welcome Tent

·      Movie Night Grab and Go Bags

·      The Mandalorian Virtual Trivia

·      Singo x 4

·      Beacon Park Clinics

·      Beginner Cross-Country Ski Clinic: Classic Technique

·      Intro to Bouldering Clinic

·      Friends Trivia

·      Intro to Ice Skating Clinic

·      Beginner Cross-Country Ski Clinic: Skate Technique

·      Open Sky Ice Rink - Public Skate

·      Beacon Park Clinics

·      February Service Saturday

·      Beacon Park Clinics

·      The Bachelor and Bachelorette Virtual Trivia

·      Sweetheart Skate and Outdoor Concert


MSU Debut Outcomes:

  • 28,000+ student engagements
  • 100+ volunteers
  • Pioneering engagement programming through public health restrictions
  • Virtual Programming options
  • Successful integration of diversity focused programming with the help of the DISC
  • Successful integration of outdoor clinics and events with ORP
  • Successful integration of small group community building events


Registered Student Organizations

Student Organizations: 215

Club Sports: 27

Total Organizations: 242


Total number of club leaders (presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, and secretaries): 966

Total number of students involved in student organizations and clubs: 5,108


  • On-Going Professional Development


  • In lieu of the Student Organization Leadership Conference, OSE offered 20 club trainings, workshops, and other professional development opportunities over the course of the year. About 400 students attended.



CatsConnect is a useful tool for students to stay up-to-date with all that's going on the MSU campus. Join student organizations, register and manage student organizations, check out events, save important documents, and stay in touch with students. This platform was launched in Fall 2019.


From August 1st to April 30th, we saw a total of 22,931 unique users. 7,667 of those users used CatsConnect on a regular basis. Tuesday was the most popular day to visit CatsConnect.


There were a total of 270 pages created:

  • University Offices: 28
  • Student Organizations: 215
  • Club Sports: 27

There were 1,058 events created by University Offices, Student Organizations, and Club Sports.


Associated Students of Montana State University (ASMSU)

  • More than 1,000 voters cast their national and local election ballot in our ASMSU office
  • Balanced the FY22 budget of over $1 million in programs and services for students
  • ASMSU Senate passed 15 resolutions, 7 bills 
  • Established our first ever Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • 32 students ran for ASMSU elected student leadership positions
  • 1,607 MSU students voted in the ASMSU Election and passed the Streamline Bus Initiative
  • 116 students are employed in formal leadership roles on campus

Community Engagement Programs

  • Service Saturday
    • 6 Service Saturdays
    • Total number of Service Saturday volunteers: 352
    • Total number of volunteer hours: 864
    • Total number of community projects completed: 33
    • Total number of unduplicated community partners: 13
  • Convocation Service Saturday
    • 90 students participated, serving over 270 hours with 8 local nonprofits between Bozeman and Belgrade (limited participation due to COVID19 guidelines)
  • Rockin’ the M*
    • 75 student volunteers hauled 100+ gallons of paintup the M Trail and gave 300 volunteer hours! For the first time ever, the community carried 3,000 pounds of rocks to the M the week before! (limited participation due to COVID19 guidelines)
  • Virtual Involvement and Study Abroad Fair
    • In the fall, we 1,567students view the event totaling 6 hours of engagement.
    • In the spring, we had 188 students view the event totaling 9 hours of engagement.
  • Can the Griz
    • 132volunteers gave 396 volunteer hours
    • Collected $252,893.24+ 150,290 = 403,183.24 total!
  • Repairing the Harm Through Community Service
    • 12 students referred
    • Total of 69 community service hours served.
  • MSU Connections
    • 2 MSU Connections Non-Profit Panel
    • 232 people attended all of the MSU Connections sessions


Campus Programs & Events

  • Day of Student Recognition Celebration
    • Total number of students honored: 34
    • Total number of scholarships: 40
    • Total monetary awards given to students: $17,160
  • Virtual Catapalooza
    • Huge virtual success utilizing FlipGrid
    • Total number of views: 24,749
    • Total hours of engagement: 6
  • Marketing Team
    • Over 7,300 followers on social
      • Grew followers by 13%
    • Grew team from 6 to 7 students
    • Received over 100 unique graphic requests consisting of multiple assets per submission
    • Created over 1,800 marketing assets
    • Provided 3 students with Graphic Design internship:
      • Graphic Design Internship- School of Art
    • Arts & Exhibits
      • Over 557 visitors at the Exit Gallery
      • Showed work from over 100 different artists
      • 3,660 visitors to the Art Market
      • Implemented a recurring POP-UP show
      • Hosted the first installation workshop for students
      • Reached over 400 accounts each month on Instagram
    • Procrastinator Theater
      • 376 attendees
        • COVID-19 lead to socially distanced seating in the theatre, only 31 seats per showing were available
      • 22 movies shown over the course of the year.
      • COVID-19 disrupted plans for new and continued programming
        • OHA Nights were put on hold
        • Ugly Sweater Night was put on hold
        • MSU Debut was put on hold
        • The German Studies Screening was canceled
        • The Hail Mary Screening was canceled
        • Trivia Nights were put on hold
  • Health & Well-being
    • Collaboration between ASMSU and other MSU related Health & Wellbeing entities such as CPS, Disability services, Outdoor and Sports Recreation, office of diversity and inclusion, and others.
  • Worked together to better utilize our resources and collaborate on programming.
  • Mental Health:
    • The Health and Wellbeing program put together 300 mental health related goodie bags aka “Grab & Go Bags”. Each bag supplied two students, for a total of 600 students affected by this event. Students selected the goodie bag type to make sure the event would be enjoyed by the most number of students.
    • Aligning with Counseling and Psychological services, the Health and Wellbeing program helped sponsor creating a mental health awareness video. The video is set to premier the summer of 2021.

  • Advertising for the events promoting mental health dialogue featured resources for long-term care and encouraged students to seek help and practice better self-care.
  • All events were designed to address different areas of wellbeing to be an encompassing health promotion campaign.
  • COVID-19 prevented many of the traditional programs that this program had to offer. Normally, the Winter Wellness Fair and Mental Health Summit are events in person. Because of COVID, we were unable to host in-person events for the program. Moving forward, we look forward to bringing back the traditional events.
  • Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Student Program focuses on being most intentional in diversity, inclusion, and access of our office, programs and events, services, and opportunities for students. 


  • All Inclusive Mentoring (AIM) Program
    • 21 total mentors trained
    • 11 total mentees matched
  • Safe Zone: 406 total people trained
    • Fall 2020: 188 total community members trained
    • Spring 2021: 218 total community members trained
  • Sustained Dialogue (Spring Moderator training hosted by the Sustained Dialogue Institute in DC)
    • 33 total students applied
    • 27 total students accepted
    • 17 total students completed spring training cohort (+90% completion)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassadors (DIAs) Program
    • 6 total students trained as DIAs
    • 4 total students completed one-year volunteer for DISC

  • DISC Ability Status Training Workshop, OHA workshop series
    • Student perspective training on accessibility concerns and resources
    • 15 total students, staff and faculty participated


DISC Events, Fall 2020 Semester:

--LGBTQ+ Student Meet and Greet: 75 students and staff

--BIPOC Student Meet and Greet + BBQ: 35 students

--LGBTQ+ Climb Night: 8 students 


DISC Events, Spring 2021 Semester:

--Multicultural Climb Night: 12 students + 2 DIAs

--Movie Night: Trans Day of Visibility: 5 students and staff

--Multicultural Grad Celebrations (Latinx, Lavender, Kente): 40 students honored; 35+ MSU community video contributions

Established the Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Committee at ASMSU 

  •  The bill was passed with full majority at the ASMSU Senate 
  • Will allow students to participate in a forum and share concerns and give advice to the ASMSU Senate
  • Allow ASMSU to keep students in loop on all D&I efforts on campus

Collaborations include student organizations, such as African Student Association (ASA), Asian Students Interracial Association (A.S.I.A.), Black Student Union (BSU), Fuerza Latinx, the HEART Initiative, and the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA); and campus partners include ASMSU, Bobcat Athletics, Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), Office of Disability Services, Office of Health Advancement (OHA), Office of International Programs (OIP), Outdoor Recreation and Sports Program, Women's Center, VOICE Center, and Veteran Services.


Programming, Activities, and Campus Events (PACE) Board: 

The PACE Board is comprised of student directors that collaborate to plan, execute, and assess a variety of student engagement events and activities.  Led by the PACE Board Chairperson and advised by the ASMSU Vice President and Student Engagement and Leadership Advisor, this group meets weekly to work together to plan, implement, and assess exciting and engaging events on and off campus for their peers. 


Fall 2020 Events 

  • Virtual Trivia: Avatar-The Last Airbender
  • Grab and Go Bag: Movie at Home
  • Country Line Dancing
  • Grab and Go Bag: Tie Dye
  • Lighting of the M
  • Grab and Go Bag: Homecoming
  • Homecoming Hello Walk
  • Homecoming BBQ
  • Glow Zumba
  • Comedian Becky Robinson 
  • Glow Zumba
  • Halloween Singo
  • Grab and Go Bag-Halloween
  • Virtual Trivia-Bachelor/Bachelorette  
  • MineCraft Server


Spring 2021 Events 

  • Grab and Go Bag-Movie Night
  • Virtual Trivia-Game of Thrones
  • Virtual Trivia-Bozeman Area
  • Singo
  • Grab and Go Bag-Stay warm
  • Ice Rink Open Skates x 20
  • Sweetheart Skate and concert
  • Grab and Go Bag-Valentines Day
  • Singo
  • Contract Ent-Code Switch Crew
  • Contract Ent-Warren MacDonald
  • Plate Smashing
  • Bowling Mania
  • Rec Center Rumble-Trivia
  • Singo


In addition to the events that PACE took the lead on, they also partnered with many university offices to support their programming efforts. Examples include: Residence Life, Athletics, Office of Health Advancement, Recreational Sports and Fitness, the MSU Library, and more. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, starting in mid-March, the PACE Board quickly pivoted to an online/remote engagement platform. Although this was challenging, the team came together and provided diverse, unique, and compelling engagement opportunities for MSU students. PACE programing has continued to provide a powerful sense of normalcy, community, and belonging in a time of upheaval anxiety and isolation due to the global health crisis. 

*Cancelled due to event partner pulling out a week before event 

**Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic and resulting public health restrictions