Are you interested in a leadership opportunity on campus? Run for a Senate seat or on an executive ticket!

If you want to create change on campus, ASMSU is the place. 


ASMSU officials are the voice of all MSU students and control numerous student programs and a budget of over a million dollars. Student leaders in the past have been responsible for major change at MSU including initiating a medical amnesty policy, coordinating our student food pantry, creating the Procrastinator movie theater, and much more.

Click this link to run for a Senate seat or the executive ticket!

If the dispute link doesn't take you directly to the form, try logging in to CatsConnect and then clicking the link again.

Election Timeline FY23-34

March 23rd // 5pm-6pm; SUB Ballroom B - You and ASMSU Meeting; Mandatory to attend ONE if you are running for an elected position.
March 27th // 11am-1pm; Malone Centennial Mall - Popcorn & Presidency; Join ASMSU for snacks and conversations with candidates.
March 28th // 12pm-1pm; SUB 233 - You and ASMSU Meeting; Mandatory to attend ONE if you are running for an elected position.
March 29th // 11am-1pm; Malone Centennial Mall - Cookies, Cocoa, Coffee, & Candidates; Join ASMSU for snacks and conversations with candidates.
April 3rd // 10am-12pm; Malone Centennial Mall - Donuts & Democracy; Get in your civic engagement while you also grab brunch.
April 5th // 11am-1pm; Malone Centennial Mall - Votes & Totes; Design a tote bag with friends and commune with candidates.
April 10th // 12pm-1pm; SUB Dining Area - Primary Debate; Executive candidates are invited to debate constituent questions.
April 11th & 12th // ALL DAY; CatsConnect - PRIMARY ELECTIONS
April 20th // 11am-1pm; Malone Centennial Mall - Here's the Scoop; Grab a sweet treat while learning about what topics are important to candidates.
April 21st // 11am-1pm; Malone Centennial Mall - Voting is SWEET; Come speak with candidates & hear from other constituents.
April 24th // 12pm-1pm; Malone Centennial Mall - General Debate; Two executive candidate tickets are invited to debate their policies.
April 25th & 26th // ALL DAY; CatcConnect - GENERAL ELECTIONS
April 26th // 11am-1pm; Outside of the Library - Last Event; Come get some ice cream with friends to celebrate the end of campaigning!

Available Positions AY 2023-2024: 

College of Agriculture: 2 Seats

Arts & Architecture: 1 Seat

Business: 2 Seats

Education Health & Human Develpoment: 2 Seats

Engineering: 4 Seats

Letters & Science: 4 Seats 

Nursing: 1 Seat

University Studies: 1 Seat

At-Large: 4 Seats


ASMSU Elections Director:
Kelly Wilcox
[email protected]
SUB 221/222