Are you interested in a leadership opportunity on campus? Run for a Senate seat or on an executive ticket!  ASMSU officials are the voice of all MSU students and control numerous student programs and a budget of over a million dollars. Student leaders in the past have been responsible for major change at MSU including initiating a medical amnesty policy, coordinating our student food pantry, creating the Procrastinator movie theater, and much more. If you want to create change on campus, ASMSU is the place. 

Click this link to run for a Senate seat or the executive ticket!

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Election Timeline FY22

February 16 - Elections Applications Open 

March 21 - Election Campaigns Begin

March 22 - Campaign Rules Meeting SUB 233/235 (this meeting is mandatory for anyone interested in running) at 6pm

April 5 & 6- Primary Elections Voting open at 7am on the 5th and closes at 7pm on the 6th

April 5 - Primary Debate SUB Union Market at 12-1 pm

April 19 & 20 - General Elections Voting @ open at 7am on the 19th and closes at 7pm 20th

April 19 - General Elections BBQ 11:30-1pm Centennial Mall in front of Montana Hall

April 20 - General Elections Debate SUB Union Market at 12-1pm

April 26 & 27- Mandatory Transition Meeting at 6pm


Available Positions:

College of Ag – 2

Arts & Arch – 1

Business – 2

EHHD - 2

Engineering - 4

Letters & Sci - 4

Nursing - 1

University Studies -1

At Large - 4



ASMSU Elections Director:
Thomas Cuezze
[email protected]
SUB 221/222