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Mask is Required to Enter Theater

The Procrastinator Theater is a student operated movie theater located in the SUB bringing you new and old films at low prices. $2 everyday and $1 Thursdays! 

We have stamp cards! Watch ten movies at the Pro and get a free small drink and popcorn from Avo's, as well as free admission to a movie! Stop in and grab one!

We are selling movie posters for $5/poster and have over 150 in our collection!
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**To book the Procrastinator for an event, call Conference & Event Services at 406-994-3081 or go to as we do not book or supervise the space.**


Spring Semester Schedule 

soul schedule- also shown below



Monday: 9:00PM

Tuesday: 9:00 PM 

Thursday: 9:00 PM

Friday:  9:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 PM



Thursday: 6:30 PM

Friday:  6:30 PM

Saturday: 6:30 PM




Kevin Stevenson | ASMSU Procrastinator Student Director 406.994.2933