Updated 2019

Preliminary Budget Form


What are the spending limits?

  • $100 for Senate Candidates
    • Up to $50 can be reimbursed
  • $400 for Executive ticket
    • Up to $200 can be reimbursed


How do I document my spending or received donation?

  • Print and/or Keep All Receipts or Proof of Purchase!
  • Turn in receipts to the front desk at SUB 221; you will receive a note confirming your dropoff
  • Turn in Donation Record form; attach fair market value documentation if necessary


What counts towards the limit?

  • Physical and print materials; for example, posters and yardsigns
  • Ads on social media; for example, Snapchat filters and Instagram ads
  • Monetary donations made to your campaign
  • In-Kind donations; for example, posters and yardsigns donated to you by a business; the donor must give you documentation of the fair market value of the donation

When do I need to have my receipts turned in?

  • All receipts and campaign materials must be accounted for at least 48 hours prior to the Primary and General Election
  • We would appreciate it if you turned them in at the end of each week or as you spend


What happens if I lose a receipt?

  • If you have an electronic record (like a debit card charge), you can turn that in instead
  • If there is no record, the Judicial Council will determine an appropriate sanction according to the three levels of violations


What happens if I exceed the spending limit?

  • The Supreme Court will hold a hearing and determine an appropriate sanction according to the three levels of violations


The examples listed on this sheet are not the only things you need to report. You must report all spending or donations related to your campaigning.

Please contact us if you have questions about the finance policies.This information can also be found in the Elections Policies and Procedure




Do shipping costs count towards the spending limit?

Yes, they do.


Will I receive a warning if I’m approaching the spending limit?

Yes, if you are turning your receipts in regularly.