ASMSU Diversity and Inclusion Mission

To create, nurture and sustain inclusive culture across the university, embracing diverse identities and converging multicultural communities on campus, to make every student, faculty and staff a unique part of the diverse MSU family.

ASMSU Diversity and Inclusion Vision

ASMSU Diversity and Inclusion sector seeks to inspire all students, faculty and staff to value and embrace differences, transforming the differences to make every individual feel equal, esteemed and supported across the lifetime at MSU.

Diversity pillars we value and follow

Establish: an operating structure that supports diversity and inclusion work

Measure: diversity and inclusion data, assess programs, policy and report

Commit: to equity and justice at all levels

Cultivate: inclusive culture that strives for equality in each member

Invest: in actions that support to deliver equal treatment and justice, uplifting BIPOC communities and under-represented groups

Our Top 3 Values

Adaptability: respect and appreciate differences across individuals and communities and improve adaptability as a whole

Authenticity: recognize the identity of each individual and embrace authenticity to support growth for individuals academically and professionally

Accessibility: rejuvenate and create avenues for individuals and communities to engage, develop and grow with each other’s help

About me:

Juliana Rajamohan

Student Director for Diversity and Inclusion



Juliana is a fourth-year student studying Pre-Med: Human Development and Family Science, with a minor in Personal and Consumer Finance and a Certificate in Medical Assisting. She was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in American Samoa before moving to Montana for college. She cares deeply about transforming our campus space to create an empathic movement towards global community and strives to reach to a place where we all can thrive, grow and be resilient. After graduation, she hopes to pursue medical school to continue working with marginalized, underrepresented populations to close the gaps in healthcare. On days she’s off, she loves to soul cycle.

Fun fact: I’m trilingual