Please review these frequently asked questions and the answers before you begin your campaign activities. Please follow election rules and guidelines to avoid complaints against your campaign (with consequences up to potential disqualification). YOU are responsible for understanding and following the rules, ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from consequences. 

If you have questions, please seek clarification in advance: asmsuelections@montana.eduor call 406-994-2933

Where may I put up fliers?

Posting on outdoor bulletin boards is approved. Bulletin boards in most academic buildings are available for posting. Non-Academic Buildings (like the Strand Union Building, Library, Hoseaus Fitness Center, Residence Halls, etc.) are either prohibited or must follow the approval process established by their building manager. Posting flyers on vehicles in parking lots is always prohibited. Candidate campaign materials may not be distributed or promoted during classes (candidates may say “vote in the election” but not “vote for me”).




Outside (Outdoor program requests required for all food, tabling, amplified sound, and any materials that require a physical footprint)


Strand Union Building
(except at ASMSU sponsored events)

Student organization meetings



Residence Halls – with written permission in advance from Olivia French 406-994-2661

Classrooms (only “get out the vote” messages, no specific candidate promotion)

Social Media


Official University Listservs

Academic buildings – interior and exterior
(with permission from Building Manager, each building has different Building Manager)



Hoseaus Fitness Center-Unless you have permission from Steve Erickson


Outside bulletin Boards

OSE student organization poster running service


Parking Garage and Parking Lots

Campus advertising guidelines can be viewed here:

May I campaign in classrooms?

In classroom spaces you can only promote the elections in general not individual candidates. This must be done with a professor's permission. Specific candidate campaign materials may not be distributed or promoted during classes. If professors grant permission, students may say “student government elections are this week, vote at” but not “vote for me” (information is allowed; advocating is not).


How do I get the campaign materials reimbursement? Where do I bring my campaign materials receipts?

  1. Turn in your budget within 48 hours of your application completion
  2. Bring in your original receipts to the front desk in ASMSU office in SUB 221
  3. Your receipts will be reviewed (this requires at least 48 hours)
  4. You will receive a Visa gift card a reimbursement amount, up to $50 for Senate Candidates and up to $250 for Executive Teams


What if I can’t find my receipt?

If you do not have your receipts, the issue may be reviewed by the ASMSU Supreme Court for a judgement on your claim for reimbursement. The Supreme Court may decide that you will be reimbursed for all, some, or none of your expenses that are not verified by a valid receipt.


What actions is my campaign responsible for?

You are responsible for your actions and the actions of people involved on behalf of your campaign. Campaign rules violations and consequences may be attributed to a candidate in circumstances in which the Supreme Court rules that violation was the responsibility of the candidate or anyone involved with the campaign.

How can I report someone breaking a campaign rule?

If you believe that a candidate has broken the rules, and you cannot solve the situation interpersonally, you may make an official complaint to the Supreme Court by completing this form

Elections rules dispute form is on the ASMSU Elections page and the Supreme Court page.

The Elections Director and the Chief Justice will review your complaint. Some problems may be solved without a hearing. If the issue is serious enough to justify Supreme Court review, you will be scheduled for a Supreme Court hearing. All parties are welcome to attend and represent their perspective in the hearing, but attendance is not required.

Who can vote for me? Can students not in my major vote for me?

If you are running as a President, Vice President, or At-Large Senate candidate any student can vote for you. If you are running for a Senate seat that represents a particular college, then only students who have declared that major are eligible to vote for you.

What if I don’t know what I’m going to buy yet for campaigning?

Campaign budgets are due 48 hours after you complete your Election Application. You may submit them along with your application. Please think through your campaign plan and create a budget. However, this is a preliminary budget and so long as you stay in the financial limits outlined in the elections policy you may revise your plan.

What do I need to do if I don’t want to run anymore?

If you do not want to run for office midway through a campaign, notify the ASMSU Elections Director right away and they will work with you to remove your candidacy from the ballot.

What do I need to do in order to be approved to table on the mall? Or put out lawn signs?

You must fill out an Outdoor Program Request. Once the Outdoor Program Request is completed it will be sent out to the approvers and you will receive an email with any stipulation instructions. Typically, we need these two weeks prior to the event, but due to the Elections timeline we can make some exceptions. Please complete your request as early as possible. Please contact Casey Wolfe at 406-994-2933 or with questions about the Outdoor Program Request.

Can I give out food and coffee while tabling?

You must indicate that you will have food at your event through the Outdoor Program Request. If you decide to have food or drinks you must go through University Catering. You can check out the Outdoor Program Request Guidelinesand there are specifics on food/drinks. If you decide to do pre-packaged candy you are permitted, but must indicate it on your form.