Elections Timeline 2020

February 19th 8am Elections Applications Open

ASMSU student body government election applications for President, Vice President, and Senators open, applications are due March 9th before 6:30pm.

Campaign Budgets Due before Campaigning begins.

ASMSU election candidates must complete a campaign spending budget plan. These are due 48 hours after applications are submitted. Senator candidates may spend up to $400. President and Vice President pairs may spend up to $250. The budget form is located http://www.montana.edu/engagement/campus-programs-events/Elections.html


March 9th at 6:30pm Applications Close

Submit your electronic (no hard copies accepted) application today to participate in student body government elections.

March 10th  5:30pm Informational Meeting

Are you interested in running for student body government, but you’ve got questions? Join us to learn about duties of elected representatives, time commitments, and perks of the position. It is very important that all candidates follow the Elections Policies – come discover what is and what is not permitted during your campaign.

March 16-20 Spring Break 

March 31st 7am – April 1st 7pm PRIMARY ELECTION VOTING- montana.edu/vote

March 31st 12pm-1pm Primary Debate-SUB Union Market

The primary debate showcases our potential presidential teams and allows students to hear their platforms, goals, and the distinctions between teams before they vote for the candidates to go into the general election. 


April 8th 7pm RHA Debate

April 9th Ice Cream Social-Library 1:30pm-3:00pm

Meet your ASMSU election candidates and your Research Librarians over a yummy free ice cream cone donated by Wilcoxin’s.

April 14th TBD- General Election BBQ

April 14th 7am – April 15th 7pm GENERAL ELECTION VOTING- montana.edu/vote