The Community Work-Study Program, as it involves our office, began in 2005 with a new partnership between the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Engagement.  This partnership revolved around the goals of assisting non-profit employers in finding qualified work-study staff to fill their positions, and educating more students to the rewards and benefits of taking jobs with community-based organizations.

Also in partnership with Financial Aid we have hosted information sessions with non-profit leaders interested in learning more about work-study in hopes of expanding the pool of meaningful community based positions.  This work continues with OSE taking responsibility to advertise these positions and Financial Aid giving us access to employers and employees for annual surveys.  An advisory group meets monthly during the school year to collaborate on the information session and to brainstorm new approaches to building successful relations between MSU and the Bozeman area non-profit community.

Interested in Becoming an MSU Work-Study Employer?

Employing a Work-Study student is a great way to get extra help for your organization while keeping costs down and giving an MSU student the chance to expand their college experience outside the physical boundaries of the university. Here are some points you should consider to see if a Work-Study student is right for your organization:

  • As an Off-Campus or Community employer your organization will be responsible for 30% of the students’ wages plus FICA and Workers Compensation. On top of that, Off-Campus employers are charged an administrative fee of 10% of the students’ hourly rate.
  • Only students who have received Work-Study as part of their federal aid package are eligible to be hired in a Work-study position. Students will receive a Work Study Certificate of Eligibility which certifies they have a Work Study award. This form must be completed by the student and the employer and returned to the MSU Office of Financial Aid Services by the expiration date posted on the top left of the certificate.
  • Students must fill out a W-4 and an I-9 and the employer must submit these forms to MSU Human Resources.
  • You set the hourly wage for your Work-Study position, but students may not earn more than $12.00/hr. and they cannot work more than 20 hrs/wk.
  • If the student earns more than their award amount, the employer will be billed back 100% of the wages in excess of their award.
  • We suggest you try to start your Work-Study position in fall semester since by spring semester most students who have been awarded Work-Study have secured a position. The pool of applicants in the spring may be very small.

Getting Started

  1. Contact the MSU Office of Financial Aid Services to determine if your organization is already considered a contracted employer or not. If not you may request a contract packet be sent to you in order to become a participating Work-Study employer. Work-Study Desk: (406) 994-3432.
  2. When the contract you return to the Financial Aid office is approved, you will be established as a user in HireABobcat. You will be sent a letter containing a username and password. If you have any problems, refer to the Employer’s Guide.
  3. Post the job you would like to have filled by a Work-Study student on HireABobcat. Make sure to check ‘Work-Study’ in the Position Type field.
  4. Review applications as they come in and conduct interviews.
  5. Once you have your student selected, please remove your posting from HireABobcat, which will be archived for your use again in the future.

For more detailed information please see the MSU Office for Financial Aid website.

Updated 9/21