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Volunteer Opportunities during COVID-19

As we adjust to our new, temporary reality in the face of COVID-19 and times of social distancing there are many factors to consider when thinking about getting involved in service and community engagement. Be safe when making decisions to help your community and do what makes sense for you and your situation.

Meaningful community engagement is not about logging a certain number of hours or helping in a particular way, it is about being responsive to community needs and realities and considering if and where you might be able to help support those needs. Our Montana State University family is separated throughout the world right now, here is a list of Virtual Volunteer Opportunities.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
Looking for ways to be involved in the larger community from your home or campus? Read this article to learn more.  Here are some ideas to explore!

  • United Nations Volunteers is a great way to take your online volunteering worldwide. Volunteer hours vary from 1-20 hours a week and a lot of the opportunities involve writing, web support, fundraising, and creating graphics.
  • Subtitle and translate TED Talks to bring ideas to others.
  • Send online messages or mail letters of encouragement to nursing home residents and staff through the Adopt a Nursing Home Program.
  • Volunteer to be an Online Ambassador with Ark of Hope for Children.
  • Missing Maps with Doctors Without Borders Takes about 30-60 minutes on your own watching videos and doing the tutorials to learn how to do this, then you can map for any projects currently in their system! Can do from your own computer or even by phone with the App Mapswipe.
  • Leave poetry feedback on the Free Minds Book Club blog for incarcerated youth and young adults who are participating in book and writing clubs. Watch this video or this video to learn more about how to comment.
  • Apply to help translate documents, if you have another language skill, with Translators Without Borders. If you don’t have another language skill but want to be involved anyway, keep an eye on their additional volunteer opportunities page - on occasion they have the need for graphic designers, project managers, etc.
  • Volunteer to help people who are blind or visually impaired with Be My Eyes. Note that calls can be infrequent.
  • Become a volunteer listener with 7 Cups. You’ll go through an online training and then be able to act as an “active listener” in online chat rooms and support groups, listening to a variety of challenges and providing referrals to therapy and resources when appropriate.
  • Volunteer with the Zooniverse doing scientific research online.
  • Become a volunteer Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line. This is a long-term (200 hours, 4 hours/week, so basically a year) commitment, but if you’re interested in Mental Health, it would be a GREAT experience. They are especially looking for folks willing to operate the crisis lines at night, so this is a great opportunity for night owls.
  • You can help transcribe documents for the Smithsonian. This usually involves looking at scans of old hand-written documents and typing them up into a more readable format. Great for history buffs!
  • The Mapping Prejudice Project aims to use research to map the current and historical impacts of racist housing and property policies.  You can help by watching a training video and then get to work adding to the database.  
  • Search Catchafire’s large database of volunteer opportunities exclusively geared towards online and virtual service! Nonprofits and organizations in need can post one-time or ongoing opportunities and you can search based on your time commitment, interests, and skills.  
  • Send a card, letter or note once a week to someone undergoing chemotherapy. Apply at Chemo Angels.

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District leaders are at the forefront of the Humane Society of the United States’ efforts to fight the big fights for animals and thereby create a more humane society. As a district leader, you will serve as an HSUS ambassador in your congressional district and advance our federal, state and local animal protection legislative priorities. District leader volunteer responsibilities: Actively participate in ongoing federal, state and local legislative advocacy and reform campaigns. Cultivate and maintain effective professional relationships with legislators. Politely, clearly and consistently relay HSUS animal protection positions to your legislators, encourage their support of those positions and thank them for their efforts. Build a network of HSUS allies in your community who will take action with you on animal protection issues. Participate in Humane Lobby Day in your state capitol and, when possible, participate in federal Humane Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. Submit letters to the editor to your local newspaper. Collaborate with your HSUS state director and fellow volunteers on priority animal protection issues. Represent the organization and help raise awareness on animal protection issues at community events. Optional: Under the guidance of your HSUS state director and district leader staff, develop and implement a local animal protection project in your community.



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Are you interested in volunteering for the Help Center’s crisis hotline? We ask that volunteers make a 9-month commitment to us. During that commitment, volunteers are expected to come in for one 4-hour shift per week (with exceptions for emergencies, illness, vacations, etc.). For more information on qualifications and what volunteering for the crisis hotline entails, please view the job description on our site.  We will contact you shortly to set up an interview! Email [email protected].

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