What is BreaksAway?

On MSU BreaksAway trips, students volunteer their time to meet community needs. The communities that host MSU BreaksAway groups may be as far away as another country or only one state away. The host community offers opportunities to learn about and experience challenges that are either larger in scope or foreign to Bozeman area community challenges. Students come back to MSU with an enhanced understanding of the diverse issues that face our national and global community. Communities see tangible results from the MSU student’s projects, while students gain new skills, perspectives, and relationships. Trips are organized by the Office of Student Engagement and are led by two MSU student Site Leaders. BreaksAway has been a program of the Office of Student Engagement since 1996.

Mission of BreaksAway

The mission and purpose of the BreaksAway program is to cultivate in MSU students a spirit of community involvement and to nurture service leaders who will give back to our state, nation, and the world. MSU students work together with communities around the U.S. to promote life-long community involvement and critical thinking about our societal challenges and the roles each one of us can play in addressing those challenges. 


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