Applications for our 2023 spring break BreaksAway Leaders is now closed.

Student Leader FAQ’s

A Student Leader oversees the entire break experience, from educating the participants, handling daily logistics, and managing conflict within the group. There are two student co-leaders on each trip. The terms Student Leader and Site Leader are used interchangeably.

  • Attend mandatory Site Leader orientation/training held in January.

  • Organize and co-lead two or three pre-trip planning meetings with trip participants that include trip logistics and education for the issue you will be working with.

  • Participate in a pre-trip teambuilding experience with your group.

  • Attend meetings with OSE BreaksAway Coordinator and other Leaders leading up to the trips.

  • Work cooperatively with the co-leader to consistently address the needs and safety of the group throughout.

  • Help finalize and confirm trip logistics by working with the host site.

  • Delegate responsibilities to individuals in the group before, during and after the trip.

  • Take responsibility to handle all emergencies and/or conflicts that may arise while on the trip.

  • If able, agree to be one of the trip van drivers.

  • Agree to enforce all MSU policies for student travel plus MSU BreaksAway Alcohol/Drug policy. (Reminder:  these are substance free trips!)

  • Responsible to lead a daily reflection session and end of service closing with the group.

  • Help organize, promote and lead a post trip celebration for all MSU BreaksAway participants, their friends, families and any interested parties on campus.

  • Assist in participant recruitment/public relations.

  • Maintain consistent and positive communication with your co-leader, your participants and the OSE.

  • Build group facilitation techniques and skills.

  • Enhance problem-solving skills.

  • Gain professional leadership experience to note on personal resumes.

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of giving.

  • Travel and experience a different community.

  • Receive a free MSU BreaksAway trip

Pre-Trip: Expect to contribute about 15-20 hours during the spring semester for meetings and logistics.  Time involved will increase as the trips come closer.  During the trip: you will be required to have March 12th at 5:00pm - March 19th at 10:00pm dedicated for the trip. Post-Trip:  Expect to contribute about 3 more hours after the trips are over for wrap-up meetings, celebration preparation and attending the celebration.
We try to place Site Leaders on their preferred trip, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen.  If you are chosen to be a leader we will consider your trip preference as well as your skills and experiences to try best matching you with a co-leader.  If you are chosen as a Site Leader, but not for the trip of your choice you will have the option to decline the position and still go on your chosen trip as a participant.