The Office of Student Engagement is the Hub for bobcat engagement! We categorize student engagement into four major pillars: Student Government, Campus Events and Programs, Community Engagement, and Student Organizations. For each pillar, our office strives to cultivate welcoming, inclusive, exciting environments that help students find their passions outside of the class room. Our programming and opportunities are numerous and diverse in hopes that each bobcat can find a way to get involved and make Montana State feel like home.

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In 1990, a group of students were inspired to create MSU's first Student Memorial in response to the tragic loss of two fellow students.  This Memorial was–and still is–intended to commemorate the lives of students who passed away before graduating.  Despite the fact that thousands of people walk by the Memorial every day, most do not even know that the Student Memorial exists.  This is because the space around the Memorial itself is closed off and hidden away.
Over the last four years, the ASMSU Senate has been dedicated to finding a way to transform the space around the Student Memorial into one that fosters awareness and accessibility, without changing the original Memorial pillars. We’ve finalized our design but need your help to make this renovation a reality!  We are counting on you to help us reach our goal of raising $40,000.
There are five key reasons that we think this renovation is important now:
  1. The renovation will transform the Memorial into a meaningful public space.
  2. This renovation will help to better commemorate and celebrate our Bobcats and their families.
  3. In the spirit of health and wellness, this renovation serves to bring awareness to the deaths of students and show that we care.
  4. This renovation opens up a new opportunity to showcase outdoor student artwork.
  5. We have been dedicated to this renovation for four years.  It's time we turned our vision into a reality.
If you are interested in making this project a reality, please visit February 13 and 14 to donate during MSU's Giving Day! Truly, we cannot bring this project to fruition without your support and encouragement.  Thank you.
For more information, please reach out to the Student Memorial Committee at [email protected].