Student Organization Achievement and Recognition Program Logo with paper airplane flying through clouds

The Student Organization Achievement & Recognition Program was created to recognize and reward student organizations for their participation in various activities, on and off campus. This program provides opportunities for organizations to earn points from various workshops, leadership trainings, volunteer experiences, and more. Organizations will earn points that will lead to achieving different tiers.

SOAR was also created to ensure that you, as student organization leaders, are properly equipped to lead your groups successfully and utilize all of the resources available. The goals of SOAR are to:

  • recognize and award student organizations for their events and outreach on campus,
  • help your student organization(s) achieve its goals,
  • develop your leadership knowledge and skills,
  • ensure that you are aware of university policies and resources,
  • promote responsibility, respect, and positive experiences through student organizations.

SOAR workshops provide organization leaders with information on the policies and requirements associated with student groups on campus, an in-depth overview of CatsConnect, and effective strategies and suggestions specific to each Student Leader position.

The SOAR Program will be tracked as a path on CatsConnect.
Follow this link to learn more about Paths.

To track your organization’s completion of SOAR, you will need to assign one person in your organization to mark items complete in CatsConnect. You will assign a person when your organization registers for the year. This person will be responsible for making sure path items are complete.

The SOAR Path will be open from August 1, 2022 to April 15, 2023 for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Tier 1 (must complete all 3):

  • Complete Annual Registration (you will be assigned the path when your registration is approved)
  • Complete any Funding Orientation (in-person or video with quiz)
  • Complete CatsConnect Training Video (in-person or video with quiz)

Tier 1 Incentives:

  • Eligible to apply for $1500 Rolling Funding and $1500 Matching Funding (available through the student activity fee) through OSE and the RSO Funding Board. If your organization is already allocated Mass Funding, you are not eligible to apply for Rolling Funding.
  • Eligible to apply for up to $1500 Mass Funding in the Spring.
  • Free use of University meeting rooms and facilities (certain areas and types of events may have rental fees).
  • Inclusion on CatsConnect to allow others to view your club information.
  • Use of CatsConnect to manage your organization and publicize events. 
  • Inclusion on the RSO listserv hosted by OSE.
  • Use of the Office of Student Engagement flyer posting service.
  • Access to a graphic designer to help with club graphics.
  • Access to training and leadership development by OSE.
  • Use of SUB advertising space: Includes banners, posters, table tents, and information tables. All of these items must be reserved through Conference Services.
  • Use of the OSE SUB Union Marketplace TV advertising space.
  • Support from OSE staff for event planning, club travel, organization management and more!

Tier 2: Complete Tier 1, AND

  • Attend 2 leadership development trainings (REQUIRED)
  • AND choose 2 of the following,
    • Executive team listed and is viewable on CatsConnect Page (at least President, Vice President, and Advisor listed).
    • Upload a Club Constitution or By-laws to CatsConnect
    • Participate in an outreach event

Tier 2 Incentives: Tier 1 incentives plus,

  • Eligible to apply for up to $3000 Mass Funding in the Spring Semester.
  • Free use of SUB mailbox (based on availability).
  • Free use of club locker space (based on availability).
  • Free 36 color posters.
  • 1000 ChampChange Points for each member listed in the organization's roster.

Tier 3: Complete Tiers 1 & 2,

  • Attend two additional OSE Leadership Development Workshops throughout the academic year, or an equivalent leadership training. (REQUIRED)
  • And choose 3 of the following,
  • Complete a service project as a group (either by hosting an fundraiser, attending Service Saturday, hosting a campus clean-up, etc.)
  • At least 2 organization officers (members are also encouraged) complete a campus training (Safe Zone, Suicide Prevention (Kognito), Bystander Intervention, UPD Safety Presentation, etc.).
  • Update new officers in CatsConnect
  • Upload transition documents to CatsConnect
  • Host your election using CatsConnect

Tier 3 Incentives: Tiers 1 & 2 incentives plus,

  • Eligible to apply for any amount of Mass Funding in the Spring Semester.
  • Featured on OSE Social Media
  • Priority registration for a Catapalooza booth
  • $100 towards a club banner, tablecloth, stickers, or other supplies**
    **Limited to the first 10 clubs.