Please use these prices for your budget worksheets. This has been prepared by the Office of Student Engagement to help you build accurate budgets. If what you are looking for is not listed, please contact the individual department to receive those prices.

Conference Services

  • Strand Union Building, 994-3081
  • There is no charge to reserve rooms in the SUB, even if you charge admission to your event.
  • Contact Conference Services to request AV and other equipment rental prices, including equipment in the Procrastinator Theater.
  • Security for events:
    • All events with alcohol require security – typically 1 guard per 100 people in attendance
    • All student dances – with or without alcohol – required
    • Conference Services hires/coordinates all security without exception. Student groups are not allowed to bring in their own security.
    • Security is billed at $18/hour/guard with a 3 hour minimum.

SUB Rec Center

Blank Canvas 

University Printing Services

ASMSU Outdoor Rec Program

  • 1401 West Lincoln Street
  • Our ASMSU Outdoor Rec Program provides opportunities for students to get involved with the outdoor world. They have a rental shop where students can rent outdoor equipment, which could be useful for student organizations.

Vehicle Rental

Clubs are eligible to use Enterprise for their vehicle rental needs through the MSU contract. Visit our Student Organization Travel page for details.

ASMSU Exponent

University Catering

  • 994-3336 or email [email protected]
  • University Catering has their menu, prices, and more information on their website.
    • If student organizations choose to order off the full menu (found on Catering’s website above) the student organization may request a 10% discount.
  • Reminder of the food policy on campus:
    • For the purposes of liability, quality, food safety, and control, all food sold and provided on campus must be supplied by University Food Services. Under no circumstance may food be sold or catered by any vendor or organization other than University Food Service.
    • An exception to this rule allows for student organizations meeting in the SUB after 5:00pm with a gathering of less than 40 people. Groups are encouraged to utilize existing on-campus food venues after hours, however, these groups may order food from outside venues if desired. Groups with an anticipated attendance of greater than 40 people are required to utilize University Food Service. If the event is open to the public event, you must use University Catering.

ASMSU Productions