Rolling Funding

 Rolling Funding Rules

  • The Rolling Funding pool is available to registered student organizations from mid-September to April. RSOs must complete a minimum of 25 VIM hours to be elegible to apply for rolling funding.
  • The maximum amount awarded to an RSO will be $1,500 from this pool of money. 
    • Can apply a maximum of twice in an academic year. (i.e. you can ask for $800 in November and then $700 in March).  Cannot exceed $1,500 total over the year.
  • This pool of money is spent within the current academic year.
  • CANNOT fund programs, events or purchases that have already occurred.
  • Funding must be spent by April 1, 2024.

Rolling Funding Application Process

Step 1:  Submit Application.  Fill out the Rolling Funding Application by the weekly deadline. The funding proposal must be SUBMITTED a MINIMUM of two weeks before the funding is needed. 

To apply for funding:

  • Log into CatsConnect and select the waffle (grid) icon in the top right corner and click "Manage".
  • Then, under "My Memberships", select your organization.
  • On the left side, click the pancake menu (three stacked lines), and then select "Finance" under Organization Tools. (this menu is also your main control center for all club operations!)
  • From the Finance Page, click "Create New Request" and select "Create Budget Request".
  • Select the type of funding you are applying for. If you need more guidance on the type, please visit this web page.
  • Follow the steps in the application. You will get the chance to enter your line items for specific items in your request
  • Instructions can also be found at this link.

Step 2:  Application Review.  The Registered Student Organization Funding Board will meet to decide on funding allocations. Clubs are required to send a representative to the Funding Board meeting to present on their request. Organizations will be notified within one week of the Funding Board meeting if their funding application was approved and the total amount awarded. The Funding Board will not meet during university holidays or breaks.  Your application will be accepted over breaks, but will take longer to review.

Step 3:  Schedule Spending Orientation.  A representative from your organization (preferably Leader and/or Treasurer) must attend a meeting with the Office of Student Engagement after you have been notified of funding approval to learn the process for spending your allocated money.


VIM Funding

VIM Funding Timeline

  • August 1: Start accumulating volunteer hours
  • April 30: End of accumilation of volunteer hours
  • May 1 – 5: Notifications go out to clubs about next academic year funding amounts

VIM Funding takes place from August 1-April 30th on a first come first serve basis. However, funding is not available until the following academic year. 



  • The VIM Funding pool is allocated every spring to registered student organizations based upon their number of Volunteer Service Hours (Up to 234 hours) to use in the following academic year. If a club is allocated VIM Funding in the spring, they are not eligible to spend that money until after July 1st.
  • Two-thirds of the estimated student organization fee comprises this
  • Your eligibility for VIM Funding: your organization must be a registered student organization with OSE.
  • If you are allocated VIM funding, you are elegible for Rolling funding.
  • Vim Funding is to be used in the academic year after the volunteer hours are acrued and tracked.
  • A spring application deadline will be set by the Office of Student Engagement.


VIM Funding Process

  1. Minimum of one club officer must attend a MANDATORY information session hosted by the Office of Student Engagement and RSOFB. These will be held each semester.
  2. Find Volunteer Hours. Search for volunteer oppurtunities on CatsConnect, GivePulse or through the Office of Student Engagement. 
  3. Log Volunteer Hours. Individuals within organizations will track their volunteer hours for their club through the GivePulse platform- each individual mut be listed in the "membership Roster" on CatsConnect for thier hours to count. Eligible hours need to be: 1) Unpaid, 2) Within the State of Montana OR in association with MSU (ie: Engineers Without Borders, BreaksAway Trips, etc.). Hours can only be counted toward one club at a time (If a club memebr is part of multiple clubs, they will choose which club recieved their hours). Mandated service hours (University Conduct, Cort-Ordered) do not count. Hours can be accumulated August 1st through April 30th of each year. Funding Board will allocate funds in early May based on accumulated volunteer hours on a first come, first serve basis. A staff member from the Office of Student Engagement will double verify reported volunteer hours before they are applied to a RSO's VIM Bank.
  4. Attend Spending Orientation. An officer from each funded organization must attend an orientation hosted by the Office of Student Engagement at the beginning of the Fall semester to learn the process for spending your allocated money.


VIM Funding Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I spend this money?
  • We may have money leftover this year from our student organization funding, can we use it next year?
    • No. You have until April 1, 2024, to spend your money.
  • If we receive VIM Funding, is that the only funding we can get?
    • No, You may apply for Rolling Funding (max. $1500.00) for a maximum total of $5000.00 .
  • What if our event is during the summer before school begins?
    • Must be after July 1st. Reach out to OSE, we will work with you!