Rolling Funding

 Rolling Funding Rules

  • The Rolling Funding pool is available to registered student organizations from mid-September to April.
  • The maximum amount awarded to an RSO will be $1,500 from this pool of money. 
    • Can apply a maximum of twice in an academic year. (i.e. you can ask for $800 in November and then $700 in March).  Cannot exceed $1,500 total over the year.
  • This pool is for organizations that may have needs throughout the academic year and were not awarded Mass Funding dollars the previous spring. 
  • CANNOT fund programs, events or purchases that have already occurred.
  • Funding must be spent by April 30, 2023.

Rolling Funding Application Process

Step 1:  Submit Application.  Fill out the Rolling Funding Application by the weekly deadline. The funding proposal must be SUBMITTED a MINIMUM of two weeks before the funding is needed. 

To apply for funding:

  • Log into CatsConnect and select the waffle (grid) icon in the top right corner and click "Manage".
  • Then, under "My Memberships", select your organization.
  • On the left side, click the pancake menu (three stacked lines), and then select "Finance" under Organization Tools. (this menu is also your main control center for all club operations!)
  • From the Finance Page, click "Create New Request" and select "Create Budget Request".
  • Select the type of funding you are applying for. If you need more guidance on the type, please visit this web page.
  • Follow the steps in the application. You will get the chance to enter your line items for specific items in your request
  • Instructions can also be found at this link.

Step 2:  Application Review.  The Registered Student Organization Funding Board will meet weekly to discuss funding applications submitted by that week's weekly application deadline. Any applications submitted after the weekly deadline will be reviewed during the next meeting. Clubs will receive an email inviting them to send a representative to the Funding Board meeting.  Organizations will be notified within one week of the Funding Board meeting if their funding application was approved and the total amount awarded. The Funding Board will not meet during university holidays or breaks.  Your application will be accepted over breaks, but will take longer to review.

Step 3:  Schedule Spending Orientation.  A representative from your organization (preferably Leader and/or Treasurer) must attend a meeting with the Office of Student Engagement after you have been notified of funding approval to learn the process for spending your allocated money.

Matching Funding

The purpose of the Matching Fund pool is to support registered student organizations in their funding needs as well as encouraging external fundraising.  The availability of this pool of money is reassessed every year.

Matching Fund Application Process


Instructions can also be found at this link.

Matching Fund Rules

  • The maximum amount a club can request be matched is $1,500.  By applying for $1,500, your club is committing to fundraising an additional $1,500.  Your club may only apply once an academic year for the Matching Fund pool.
  • Clubs may apply for Matching Funding any time before their fundraising event. After the fundraising event, clubs will have 30 DAYS to submit the Matching Funding application.
  • If your club already has Mass or Rolling Funding, you are still eligible to apply.  You can also apply without having either of those funding sources.
  • Club Sports are NOT eligible to apply for Matching Funding.
  • Money must be raised through fundraisers or working as a group at a campus event.  No in-kind/services donations.
  • If you receive Matching Fund money, the money will be released to your group as soon as you show proof of money raised.  Like the other funding pools, we will not write checks to a club, rather the money will be used for reimbursements, etc.
    • Example:  You have raised $200 of your $1,500 goal.  You show proof (see below what constitutes as proof) of raising $200, OSE will release $200 of your $1,500 total to your club in the form of a reimbursement.
  • Money must be raised in the current academic year.  You are eligible to begin fundraising before being approved for the Matching Fund, however, you must be able to show proof of funds raised during the current academic year.
  • You must raise the money and provide proof of doing so within 30 days of your fundraiser
  • The permitted and prohibited uses of funds as stated in the RSOFB policies still apply.
    • The Matching Fund will only be available to those who raise money for club expenses. The Matching Fund will not be disbursed to charitable foundations.

Types of Fundraising and Needed Supporting Documentation for Matching Funding


Fundraisers can be an event, program, or individual club members participating in events such as the Career Fair, working athletic events, etc.  All of these DO count as fundraising on behalf of the organization.

Documentation Needed of Fundraising:

  • OSE Fundraising Report Form must be submitted, which will include:
    • How much total money was raised
    • How many participants were involved
    • Copy of event advertisement or other form of proof of event.
    • Other information at request of OSE.
  • Copy of deposit slip of funds raised into club bank account.
  • If applicable, copy of check(s) made to your student organization from fundraiser.

Mass Funding

Mass Funding Spring 2022 Timeline

  • Check back for important dates!

To be eligible to apply for Mass Funding:

  • At least ONE leader MUST attend an information session. Club advisors and multiple club leaders are welcome to attend. We will NOT accept your application if your club is not represented at one of these sessions. No RSVP necessary. 
  • Click here to view info session meeting times.

The Mass Funding application process takes place in the spring semester. However, funding is not available until the following academic year. 

Mass Funding Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can we ask for money for Catapalooza?
    • Yes, put in general budget!
  • What if we don’t know the date of our event?
    • General timeframe is fine.
  • What if we are unsure how many people will be attending (conference, competition, etc.)?
    • Make an educated guess. What is your goal?
  • Will the funding board fund all or none of the budget?
    • Maybe. Typically, they allocate a portion of your total overall. Example: You ask for $5,000, they allocate $2,500. Typically, you can spend the $2,500 on anything you proposed in the application.  We allow you to prioritize your own budget after you are funded. 
  • What if we have the same event multiple times over the year?
    • Use date-specific requests and use ONE to capture the entire series.
  • How do we know the price of a plane ticket or price of gas for next year?
    • Make educated estimates. Search what it is right now.
  • We may have money leftover this year from our student organization funding, can we use it next year?
    • No. You have until April 30, 2023, to spend your money.
  • If we receive Mass Funding, is that the only funding we can get?
    • You may apply for Matching Funding in the Fall, but NOT Rolling.
  • What if our budget changes or an event is cancelled after we are approved?
    • Budget Amendment Form
  • What if our event is during the summer before school begins?
    • Must be after July 1st. Reach out to OSE, we will work with you!