The Office of Student Engagement (OSE) in conjunction with the Registered Student Organization Funding Board (RSOFB) and Club Sports Funding Board distributes funds collected by the Student Organization Fee to registered student organizations for the purpose of supporting programs, projects, and events that help the organizations succeed in meeting their goals and foster positive student development.


Funding FAQs

General information regarding Registered Student Organization Funding

  • Every student pays $10.08/semester as part of their student fees.  This goes into the Student Organization Fee which is comprised of 3 pots of money:  Rolling, VIM, & Club Sports funding.
  • Your student organization MUST be currently registered as a student organization with the Office of Student Engagement BEFORE you submit your rolling funding application, or collect VIM hours.  This is an annual registration process.  If your group has not registered yet this academic year, you can click this link to find the steps to apply. 


Club Funding Model

Types of Funding & Application Process


V.I.M. Funding

Rolling Funding

Total Money Available in




When is the application deadline?

Hours gained and tracked from August 1st, 2023 - April 30th, 2024.

Opens mid-September 2023 - April 30th, 2024.

What are the maximum or minimum funding requests?

No minimum.

Maximum $3,500.00

= 234 Hours per club

Club is "paid" $15.00 per hour

Clubs can ask up to two times annually- Maximum $1,500.00 per academic year.

Must complete 25 VIM hours to qualify.

When to use the funds by?

Use in the next academic year it was allocated.

I.e.; Hours tracked and gained in academic year 2023-24 will have associated funding to start spending  July 1st, 2024.

All funds must be spent by April 1st of that academic year.

Use within the academic year it was allocated. 

I.e.; If you were allocated money in Oct. 2023 you have until April 1st, 2024 to spend.

All funds must be spent by April 1st of that academic year.

Who is eligable?

Must be a current registered student organization that is registered by the end of the Fall semester.

* Hours are obtained individually by current members of the club. Club members must be listed on the CatsConnect Roster to have reported hours qualify *

Must be a current registered student organization.

Must complete 25 VIM hours.

What counts as volunteering?

  1. Done within the State of Montana
    1. Or if the Volunteering hours are done as a representation of MSU. I.e.: MSU BreaksAway, Engineers without Boarders, Club Trip with Volunteer component.
  2. These opportunities MUST be unpaid.


How do you spend club money?

  • Spend between July 1st - April 1st of academic year.
  • Work with Club Funding Assistant to purchase items.
  • Use it or Lose it.
    • Club funds do not roll over year to year.
  • Must follow MSU purchase guidelines.


VIM Fund Incentives

(Previously the SOAR Path)



25 Hours

75 Hours

100 Hours


Eligible to apply for $1500 Rolling Funding  


Use of the Office of Student Engagement flyer posting service.


Use of the OSE SUB Union Marketplace TV advertising space.

Free use of SUB mailbox (based on availability).


Free use of club locker space (based on availability).

Free 36 color posters.                     

Featured on OSE Social Media


Priority registration for a Catapalooza booth





Which type of funding do YOU want to apply for?

Rolling Funding:

    • For any registered organization.
    • Apply up to $1,500 max, twice per academic year.
    • Used in the current academic year.

V.I.M Funding:

    • For any registered organization, individuals need to be listed as club member on roster.
    • Hours gained from August 1st - April 30th.
    • Earn $15 per hour, per club member up to $3500.00 max per club.
    • Available for use next academic year.


Important: Any funding you are allocated is to be spent through OSE. You do not get a check from us. You will be required to go through a spending orientation.

If Your Rolling Application is Approved...

  • You will get notified on CatsConnect.
  • You MUST complete the Funding & Spending Orientation.
    • Either in-person or online with the club funding assistant.
  • Any items proposed on your application are eligible to spend money on, up to allocated amount.
  • OSE is responsible for carrying out Funding Board's decisions.
  • You MUST spend money by April 1st, 2024.


If Your Rolling Application is Denied...

  • In the event a club disagrees with the Registered Student Organization Funding Board (RSOFB) decision to not fund a club or not fund to the level expected, clubs are able to appeal this decision. The appeal process shall be as follows:
    • Meet with the Presiding Chair or the Advisory Member of the RSOFB.
    • Make a formal written appeal and make the corrections as outlines by the Funding Board. MUST be made within ONE WEEK of being notified.
    • Written appeal will be brought to the RSOFB for a hearing and voted on during the next weekly meeting.

Spending Processes

  • You can view your application by going to the 'Finance Tab' in CatsConnect, then 'Budget Requests.
OSE Credit Card Reimbursements Invoices Travel
  • If it can be ordered online or over the phone.
  • Must fill out the OSE 'Order Form' on CatsConnect
  • Plan ahead!
  • Must turn-in reimbursement receipts within 30 days of purchase.
  • OSE pays bills on your behalf using a university credit card.
  • Examples: Paying a vendor, equipment/materials purchased from a business.
  • Lodging & Flights.
  • OSE credit card.
  • Credit card authorization form for hotels.
  • Pre-ordering off-campus food.
  • Transportation (Enterprise, flights, etc.).
  • Hotels.
  • Conference registration fees.
  • Online orders.
  • An individual or the club pays, we reimburse.
  • Made to your student organization's name, NOT to an individual.
  • All on-campus vendors will invoice you.
  • Submit bill/invoice to OSE, as soon as possible to avoid any late fees.
  • Enterprise.
  • Includes 'Collision Damage Waiver' (CDW) and $1 Million 'Combined Single Limit' (CSL) Liability.
  OSE Credit Card Reimbursement Invoices Travel
Paperwork needed every time.
  • Itemized credit card receipts MUST be turned in within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Itemized original receipt.
  • Purchase 'Request Form' online on CatsConnect.
  • Detailed invoice from vendor.
  • 'Purchase Request' form on CatsConnect.
  • Fill out OSE travel forms at least 10 days before travel.
  • We cannot process receipts unless this is completed.
Paperwork needed once.


  • Direct deposit.
  • W-9 ONCE, unless club name changes.
  • Avoid money out of your pocket up front!
  • Vendors are paid immediately, no waiting on a check!
  • Least preferred method.
  • Can take up to 6 weeks for a check to arrive.
  • Money does not go to club, but directly to vendor.
  • Gas Cards Available:
    • Are able to use for personal or rented vehicles.
    • Fill out online form.


  • If your club has ALREADY paid for service/goods.
  • MUST say "paid" or balance due = $0.
  • Reimbursement will go to student organization.


  • If your club has NOT paid for the service/goods and want OSE to pay vendor directly.
  • MUST say balance due = $__


  • Items and price.
  • Date.
  • Business Name.
  • Total.
  • Ask for: sub-total or circle "club items."


  • Credit card receipts.
  • Total and no individual items.
  • Blank Canvas (in SUB)
  • University Printing
  • Culberson Hall
  • Auto-billed
  • Your club needs to arrage with OSE ahead of time, we will need the index number and pre-approval
  • Bring receipts to OSE
  • Off-Campus printing can be reimbursed
  • MSU Catering-SUB Rules:
    • If hosted by your organization, and is under 25 people, not mandatory to use catering.
    • If over 25 people and/or open to the public, MUST use catering.
    • Tips cannot be over 18%, per university policy.
  • Information Needed:
    • If open to the public, we need flter information for the event.
    • If for club meeting or smaller event, we need a sign-in sheet of member's present or list of names.
      • You can also provide additional details, such as the people involved or measures of success.
  • Department Correction
    • If a club has a connection to a campus office or department, do NOT have them pay a bill first--bring it to us, or prearrange with out club funding assistant.
    • If splitting costs with an on-campus department or office, please communicate with us so we can coordinate.
  • Club Taxes
    • Contact the club funding assistant if you need support getting started.
    • ASMSU Legal Services meets with student organizations and will waive the $10 fee.

Student Organization Funding Board

The Student Organization Funding Board is the governing body of the Student Organization Fee and makes all funding decisions. 

Weekly funding application deadline: TBD

Meetings: TBD

Chair: Taryn Van Steeland
Members: TBD

Staff Advisor: Erin Bolger
Funding Assistant: Gabrielle Wellenstein


Tips & Tricks

  • Funding Board will not accept funding application requests for programs/events/activites that have already occured.
  • Plan ahead if you want to order any items that are personalized. For example, if you choose to order shirts from Custom Ink, it could take up to 3 weeks to complete your order.
  • It is highly recommended your club plans well in advance and have time to send your application to the Office of Student Engagement for review before final submission.  You can email your application (using the Save and Resume later option) to [email protected]. The OSE is your resource, use them!
  • DO NOT GUESS on your budgets! Please call vendors, businesses or on-campus offices to acquire estimates. Do your research! Consult our Common Campus Expenses page to help you save time and energy.
  • Be thorough and have others look over your document. The Funding Board wants quality applications and an incomplete application will hinder your chances of receiving funding.

Funding FAQs

This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Purchase of alcohol, tabacco, or marijuana.
  • Philanthropic donations, chartiable contributions or gifts of any kind.
  • State and Federal income taxes.
  • Any organization that does not have open enrollment.
  • Any item or activity deemed excessive, not justified, and/or in conflict with the mission of the club.
  • Social functions that are not related to a program or educational event.
  • Payment to members of the organization for any purpose.
  • Items purchased before funding is approved.
  • Academic scholarships.
  • Bank account fees (inital deposits, overdraft, monthly fees, etc.).
  • Monetary investment funds.
  • Firearms and ammunition. NOTE: This excludes targets and firearm accessories.
  • Damage fees and cancellation fees under the control of the club.
  • Gift cards.

Club leadership or club advisor.

If your answer is yes to the following, then you qualify:

  • Current registered student organization
  • Completed 25 Hours of Community Service per club (VIM Funding)

If your answer is yes to the following, then you qualify:

  • Current registered Club Sport

See Types of Funding chart above.

Please review the Funding Policies to review what you may and may not request funds for.

Every student pays $10.08/semester as part of their student ees. Matching fund comes from any money leftover from the previous year.

All funding applications are on CatsConnect. Clubs can apply for funding through their organization's page on CatsConnect. They will have to click on the Manage tab on the club page, click on the pancake icon on the top left (three stacked lines), scroll down and click on "Finance", click the "Create New Request" dropdown menu on the top right, and click "Create Budget Request". 

Rolling funding will have a weekly deadline throughout the academic year.  If you miss the weekly deadline for Rolling Funding, get your application in by the next week.  Reminder you must get your application in AT LEAST 2 weeks before your funding need.  Club Sports must pay attention to deadlines set by Club Sports Funding Board.

You will need to meet with an OSE representative to learn how to spend your money.  Contact [email protected]