Due to the changes COVID-19 infection has brought to the MSU campus, the Office of Student Engagement has put together resources for your organization to help student organizations maintain normal club operations. For more information on MSU's guidelines and other updates, please visit their webpage at this link.

Planning In-Person Events

  • Groups of 125 or less are allowed to meet with social distancing measures in place. Must get approval from SEAT Committee. Please reach out to us at Randi at [email protected] or call 406-994-2933 for help through this process.
  • 6 people are allowed to sit at a table and tables must be placed at least 6 feet apart. 
  • Facemasks are required.
  • Clubs and Organizations are not required to track attendance of their events on behalf of the Office of Student Engagement. Clubs and Organization may maintain their own attendance records for a short period – no more than 21 days – and provide those attendance records to public health officials in the event the Gallatin City-County Health Department needs assistance in finding the close contacts of an infected individual.
  • Before planning an event, please review any guidelines set by the Center of Disease Control and MSU to ensure the safety of your attendees.
  • Please pay attention to the allowed group size and other social distancing measures in place. Classrooms and spaces in the SUB may be available for use, but only at reduced capacity. We can help you find the proper space for your group size!
    • Please note: if you are going to reserve a room in the SUB, you will be required to submit an event questionaire and that approval may be subject to the University's Special Event Advisory Team and/or the County Health Department. If the SUB Admin do not receive the completed questionaire at least 2 weeks prior to your event date, the reservation is subject to cancellation.
  • Please note: if your organization does not follow the guidelines or proper avenues to safely host an event during the pandemic, your organization may risk losing its priviledges, funding, and may be reported to the Dean of Students.

Planning Virtual/Online Events

  • Consider Moving meetings or events to an online or virtual format using Webex or other alternatives (like Google Hangouts, Zoom) to accommodate members who may not be near campus.
  • Webex is a cloud-based video conferencing system that allows users to meet remotely and collaborate, sharing screens, files, and video.
    • There is a screen-sharing feature that would allow a powerpoint or documents to be displayed and discussed as well as a recording option if content would like to be recorded in advance and distributed to organization members.
    • For more information, visit this website:http://www.montana.edu/webex/
  • Find different ways to interact with your members. Here is a list of 53 virtual activity ideas.
  • Tips for Running a Meeting Remotely:
    • Have an Agenda: Having an agenda can help guide and focus a remote meeting. Set expectations if you’d like other to contribute to the agenda ahead of time.  

    • Practice Active Facilitation: Encourage individuals to speak up during these meetings and also facilitate equal airtime to those that may not feel as if they are being heard.  

    • Silence Doesn’t Always Equal Understanding/Agreement: There are some great apps available that allow participants to vote in real time to help facilitators gauge consensus.  

    • Use Video (if possible)

    • Use the Chat Function: This can be a great way to have members ask questions or share important information and links throughout a meeting without interrupting.

    • Get Feedback from Members: Encourage members to provide feedback on the meeting and how things be made better for the future. 

Adapted from PennState's Online Resources

Utilizing CatsConnect Features for Operations

  • CatsConnect has the capability to facilitate many things online that organizations may have initially scheduled for in person meetings during the next few weeks into the remainder of the semester.  The organization tools available for your organizations may be very helpful for this. Follow these steps to access your organization’s toolbox:
    • Log into CatsConnect, https://montanastate.campuslabs.com/engage/
    • Towards the middle of the page, under Memberships, click your organization.
    • Then click Manage Organization. It’s located near the top right corner. A new window will open.
    • Then, click the pancake icon (3 stacked lines near the top left corner) to pull out the Student Organization Tool Drawer.
    • Visit this webpage to learn more about your Organization Toolbox.
  • Roster Messaging - The organization tool can be used to easily communicate with all the members listed on your organization’s roster.  This may be useful for communicating a plan with your organization or sharing relevant announcements.

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 406-994-2933.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Event Pass and Attendance Tracker are two apps to help with a contactless check-in process. As the event host, you will need to create the event on CatsConnect and download the Campus Labs Event Check-in app. On the day of your event, you will type in the event code, log in with your NetID, and then either start scanning or search for names to check-in.

We have outlined all of the steps from start to finish on this webpage.

The following language is from the MSU COVID-19 Updates Page.

You do not need to “report” the self-disclosure to your supervisor, department head, co-workers or students. Please keep in mind that every person who tests positive is interviewed by health professionals under the supervision of the Gallatin City-County Health Department who make a determination as to who their close contacts were. If you are a close contact, you will receive a call from a health professional. If you are not a close contact, you won’t get a call. It is very possible that a student self discloses to you that they tested positive, but that Gallatin City-County Health determines you are not a close contact because classrooms are 6-feet socially distanced.

Students who are determined by health professionals to be a close contact of an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 will be notified as part of the contact tracing process that a case has been confirmed and will be asked questions about their own health situation to determine the steps they need to take. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act protects the identity and medical information of people with communicable diseases.

We recommend that if anyone in your organization is experiencing symptoms, was in contact with someone who tested positive, or have been tested and are waiting to hear back on their test results that they stay self-quarantined.

The things the university has outlined are face masks are required, meetings of 50 or less are allowed, and please maintain a distance of 6 feet between you and other people.

Classrooms and other reservable spaces on campus are now at reduced capacity and have had chairs removed to allow 6 feet between each seat. If there’s a space you’re looking to reserve, contact Randi at [email protected] and she’ll be able to get you the correct contact information to find that out.

The university put together information to share how they are working to keep everyone safe. Check out this webpage to view those initiatives and see the classroom layouts for all classrooms on campus.

If your group participates in activities of close contact, we recommend waiting to practice or doing group workouts that allow 6 feet between members and using the supplies in your Clean Cat Kit to sanitize any shared equipment.

Yes! You can reserve rooms as of right now. However, as I mentioned above, classrooms and rooms in the SUB are at a reduced capacity. Below are the contacts for different space on campus,

  • Please reach out to Randi if you need help!
  • If you are looking to host an event outside, please be sure to fill out an Outdoor Program Request!

Here are some ideas that can help you recruit students to join your organization.

  • You can table outside – for example, on the Mall. OSE has tables you can borrow. You will need to fill out an Outdoor Program Request
  • Ask your professor if it’s okay to make an announcement in any your classes.
  • Create and print posters to distribute to the buildings around campus (we do that for you) or flyers to hand out while tabling. 50 posters will cover all of the academic buildings and residence halls.
    • You could use the posters to advertise an in-person or virtual recruitment event.
    • Clubs in the past have designed handouts that fit 4 per page.