Updated August 2021

The following advertising list can be used to help spread the word about your club or advertise an event or program you are hosting. There are many FREE ways to advertise, so keep in mind your budget and timeline. Please refer to the Event Planning Guide as well. Remember that advertising should be out AT LEAST 2 weeks before your event! Don’t forget the power of word-of-mouth. Tell your friends and everyone you know about your upcoming event or club.

On-Campus Advertising:

  • Posters
    • Posters are by far the most popular way to market an event, but they can also be expensive. It helps to know where you are planning to disperse your posters, so you can plan accordingly.
    • Registered Student Organizations are eligible for the Office of Student Engagement poster service. If you get them your posters by the set weekly deadline, they will disperse in the campus buildings and the residence halls for you. Please click this link to view their advertising policy online to make sure your poster meets the requirements and to learn of the weekly deadline.
      • Print 50 for a full-campus canvas.
    • The most important things to include on the poster:
      • Name of event, brief description if necessary
      • Sponsors—be sure YOUR club name is listed somewhere
      • Date, time and location of event
      • Contact information for questions (phone, email, website, etc.).
  • The OSE hires a student graphic designer to produce graphics for OSE events and programs. Registered student organizations can utilize the OSE graphic designer to create club graphics during the fall and spring semesters, depending on availability. This program will give student organizations the opportunity to better their clubs and help promote their activities and missions throughout campus and the community. Please note that we request at least 3 weeks’ notice on all projects. Click this link to learn more!
    • The graphic designer books up quickly and cannot honor last minute requests. If it is a last minute request, you may be able to find a graphic design student who can help out your group! Offering a little compensation can entice students to expand their portfolios and get your group a great design. If you email the School of Art with a request for designs or design help, generally they will distribute the request to Art students via email.
  • The most convenient place to get posters printed is through Blank Canvas Creative in the Strand Union Building. Another option for printing is University Printing in Culbertson Hall. See last page for Black Canvas Services and University Printing prices.

Banner Spaces

  • Banners are a great way to advertise but are more expensive to print or time-consuming to hand make. It may make sense to invest in a banner that can be re-used from year-to-year.
  • SUB
    • There are 2 spots on the railing above the stairs leading down to the bookstore.
    • Must be reserved through Conference Services at [email protected] or SUB 211
    • Cannot be larger than 6’x3’
    • Note: Cannot tape to the railing, must use string.
  • Reid Hall
    • Go on the inside of the windows on the north facing entrance of Reid.
    • Must be reserved through the College of EHHD. Email Julia Tietz, [email protected], with the dates.
    • Do not need string, they have metal wires with clips.
  • Wilson Hall
    • Goes on second level of Wilson Hall on the front of the building facing south (walkway).
    • To reserve, fill out the form.
    • Secure with string, NOT tape.
    • Must take down immediately after event.
  • Display Case
    • 4-sided pillar near Ask-Us in SUB, glass case.
    • Reserve through Conference Services, [email protected] or SUB 211. You have to get a key from them when you plan to put up your advertising to open the case.
    • Posters CANNOT EXCEED 27.5” wide and 43” high.
    • Sponsoring groups name MUST BE clearly visible
  • Exponent
    • You can purchase ads and they can sometimes even design one for you: http://msuexponent.com/. Discounts are given to registered student organizations.
    • They also have an event calendar you can submit things to. Email [email protected] montana.edu with the event title, date, time, location, sponsoring group and contact information.
  • MSU Online Calendar
    • MSU has an online calendar and announcements that are easy to use, and help get your message out to many students, faculty and staff.
    • Submit: http://calendar.msu.montana.edu/ using your student credentials.
    • If you categorize your event as an “Activity” it will automatically go on the Activities Calendar. http://www.montana.edu/engagement/activitiescalendar/
    • Events and announcements submitted will go in a thrice-weekly email to all faculty, staff and students (students have to opt-in to this).
  • MSU Announcements
    • Similar to submitting an event, you can also submit an announcement online. This is more for general announcements and things that are not tied to a specific event.
    • Submit: http://www.montana.edu/msutoday/

Digital Signage

Sandwich Board

  • The Office of Student Engagement has a limited number of sandwich boards to be used to advertise outside on campus sidewalks. You can email [email protected] to request with the dates you want to use. First come, first-served.

Club News

  • Club News is a weekly email put out by the Office of Student Engagement to club leaders and advisors. If you have an event or program coming up, email the information or press release at [email protected].


  • They will let you record your own Public Service Announcement (PSA) or you can write one up for them to announce for you.
  • Contact: Craig Clark, [email protected] or 994-3001

Procrastinator Theater

  • They show slides before films (like previews). Send a horizontal jpeg to [email protected] the Thursday before you want your graphic shown.

Social Media/Web

  • Facebook/Instagram
    • Make sure you club has a page. If it doesn’t, make one!
    • Get your club leaders and members invested in sharing posts on their own pages to make the information get even further.
    • “Follow” the Office of Student Engagement on Facebook and Instagram: @msuose and tag us in your posts. We will share as much as we can.


  • If your club has a website or blog, make sure you have information about your event or program posted in a very visible spot so people can get more information about it if they wish. We know most people go to the web for information, so make sure you have accurate and up to date information!
  • Post pictures from past events and don’t forget to take pictures to post later.
  • If you have sponsors for the event, ask that they also include on their website or online calendars.

Department publications

  • If your club is associated with an academic department, contact your Dean’s Office or Department Head to inquire if they have any regular print or online publications you can add your program, event or club information to.