A Tax ID Number or EIN (Employer ID Number) is like a social security number for your organization. Student organizations are often in situations that require a Federal Tax ID Number (opening an organizational bank account, conducting fundraisers, receiving reimbursement if allocated money through the student organization fee, etc.). Registered student organizations are not permitted to use the MSU's tax identification number; therefore, they are required to obtain their own EIN. The purpose of the EIN is so the IRS will not make any organization members personally responsible for taxes on revenue that the organization has earned.

Tax Exemption

Student organization registration with the Office of Student Engagement does not imply tax exemption. Only College departments and offices may use MSU’s tax ID number.

Apply for an EIN Online

The following steps were written to assist a registered student organization with applying for an EIN online. If you have any technical issues or have questions regarding the form, please refer to the IRS’ help and support services. You may also contact the Office of Student Engagement at [email protected].

  1. Go to the IRS’ Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) online website.
  2. Click the APPLY for an EIN Online link.
  3. Click the Apply Online Now button.
  4. Once you have read the instructions on the page, click the Begin Application button.
  5. Select the View Additional Types, Including Tax-Exempt and Governmental Organizations option for the “What type of legal structure is applying for an EIN?” question and then click the Continue button.
  6. IMPORTANT: Any of the following options may describe your type of organization: 1) Political Organization; 2) Church-Controlled Organization; 3) Community or Volunteer Group; 4) Social or Savings Club; or 5) Sports Teams (community). Once your selection is made, click on the Continue button.
  7. Confirm the type. Click Continue.
  8. Select “Banking Purposes”.
  9. Select Individual.
  10. Fill out your information or advisor/another officer information. Enter your first name, last name, and SSN/ITIN.
  11. Preferably, enter your on-campus address. This may be your advisor’s or your SUB mailbox. You may also use the Office of Student Engagement Address: 222 Strand Union Building or 751 W. Grant St., Bozeman, MT 59717
  12. Next page is verifying address.
  13. Enter your information. DO NOT put MSU or Montana State in front of your club name. For example, DO NOT say MSU Social club. Instead use, Social Club or Social Club of MSU.
  14. Enter the requested information about your organization and click the Continue button when you are done. Repeat this step for the next screen requesting additional organizational information.
  15. Select the Other option for the question “What does your business or organization do?” and click the Continue button.
  16. Select the Organization option for the question regarding your business activity and click the Continue button.
  17. From the list of organizational activities select the activity that best describes what your organization does (most organizations will select the Social or Civic option) and click the Continue button.
  18. If you are unsure, Social or Civic is a good option.
  19. IMPORTANT: Select Receive Letter Online. DO NOT choose receive by mail.
  20. Once you receive the information, retain it in your student organization files for current and future leadership. Also, please feel free to provide the Office of Student Engagement a copy at [email protected] so we can keep on file.
  21. Hit Continue until confirmation that you have finished and completed the form.


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