Follow this link to the website to get an electronic copy of a W-9 form.


To fill out the W-9 form, follow these steps,

  • Line 1: Fill in your student organization name.
  • Line 2: Enter in any additional names your club would go by.
  • Line 3: Check the "Other" box and fill "Student Organization" in the text box.
  • Lines 5 & 6: fill in the Office of Student Engagement's address. Your checks will be sent there for you to pick up.
    The address is,
    Office of Student Engagement
    PO Box 174200
    Bozeman, MT 59717
  • Under Part 1, make sure to fill in the EIN number that's associated with your organization's bank account.
  • Then, under Part II, make sure to sign and date.
  • After you have completed the W-9, please upload to CatsConnect at this link.

w-9 screenshot