About the Independent Study

The purpose of an Independent Study (IS) is to provide an opportunity for students to conduct research and/or study under the direction of an English faculty member. An IS is intended to supplement theregular academic program in an area that is not covered by the department’s curriculum; ISs cannot be used in lieu of another required course in your major option. Other reasons for which an IS is not appropriate are: 1)  getting more credits for graduation or 2) creating an elective when other regular courses are available.

An IS is intended for a student to pursue research or study that is of special interest to them and in which the faculty sponsor has particular expertise. Developing the content and structure of the IS is a task shared jointly between the student and their faculty sponsor. The first step is for the student to develop a proposed draft plan. Keep in mind, that faculty members are not compensated for supervising ISs, so they may decline the IS proposal if it does not represent a research project or study they feel confident undertaking for reasons of specialization or time commitment.

Process for Proposing an Independent Study

First, the student meets with the faculty supervisor they would like to work with to discuss the following information. Once the details have been discussed, the Independent Study Form is to be completed.

  • The reason for choosing the faculty advisor.
  • A detailed discription of the subject intendend to study, why it is important to the student, and why it needs to be completed as an independent study.
  • A list of books and articles that will be researched and studied.
  • What papers/reports/etc. will be produced. 
    • This includes number, content and length.
  • The duration and frequency with which you will meet with your faculty sponsor.
  • A general schedule of due dates and activities (readings, writings, meetings, etc.)
  • How you will be evaluated and graded.

Students must resigister for the independent study before the end of the add period in the semester of the independent study occurs. Questions or the need of an alternate way to complete this form can be sent to [email protected]

Summer Independent Studies

Summer Independent Studies follow the calendar for the full Summer Semester. Students must register for summer Independent Studies by the second day of the full Summer Semester. Grades are due for Summer Independent Studies as indicated on the academic calendar. There are no late starts to Summer Independent Studies, so plan accordingly with the faculty advisor.

Independent Study Form

  • Please note that the Independent Study Form is a Power Form in DocuSign; please review the example below for the required information before clicking the link to the form to avoid submitting blank forms to the English Department.
  • Prior to completing the online Independent Study form, please meet with the supervising faculty member to discuss and establish the details of the Independent Study.

Independent Study Form Example

Independent Study Form