Contest will take place during Montana 4-H Congress event and interview times will take place on Wednesday July 12, 2023. 


To allow 4‐H members to learn communication skills through preparing and presenting a video, as well as answering questions from the audience.


  • All videography and editing done 
  • Follows copyright laws regarding music, still images, clip art,
  • Includes contestant’s choice of music and video production
  • Format may include video footage, still photography, computer animation, stop motion,


  • The video must have credits showing who participated in the creation of the video and what their roles
  • The credits also must include the title of the video and any
  • Others who are not taking part in the contest may appear in the video, however, all editing and production of the video must be done by the
  • All music, video, images and computer animations used must be 4‐H Contestants should seek guidance from their 4‐H leaders if they need help determining if the content is 4‐H appropriate.
  • Video must comply with copyright laws and the 4‐H emblem must be used
  • Photo releases must be submitted with the video for everyone appearing in the video and submitted to
  • Participant(s) are responsible for playing the video either from an online source or from a media storage Check with the local Event Coordinator to ensure Internet access is available at the event site. It is wise to have a backup plan for any digital media. Consider whether the video is in a standard, playable format.
  • Parents, 4‐H leaders and others are encouraged to inspire, guide and help with developing ideas for the video; however, the video entry must be the work of the 4‐H member or
  • 4‐H members are encouraged to review the 4‐H Movie Magic project book, published by MSU Extension in April 2011 for information on making movies and videos.


Contestants will be judged on video content, creativity, flow of the video, technical performance and presentation. Contestants will be asked about the message they intended to portray, their target audience, platform where the video is posted and effectiveness.


Videos should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in length. If video does not meet length requirements points, may be deducted. Contestants will have approximately 15 minutes to show the video and be interviewed. The time will be divided between time viewing the video (5 minutes) and interviewing with the judges (10 minutes). In the interview, contestants will present their video and answer questions about their video such as, what they learned, technologies that were used in making the video, the message and the intended audience.


Number of Presenters:

An individual presentation is delivered by one person. A team presentation is delivered by up to three people. Team members should divide work equally. An uneven distribution of work will impact the evaluation. The team is evaluated together. Counties may enter any number of individual participants or team participants.



Copyright laws must be observed.  A contestant(s) may be disqualified from the contest for inappropriate content. 4‐H appropriate content includes: respectful, nonviolent, not lude or vulgar, uses professional or considerate language without swearing or derogatory words, and is free of degrading content. Photo releases must be presented for individuals consistently appearing in the video.


Anyone may ask questions. Judges ask questions first. Time for questions may be limited.



If the number of contestants warrant, a finals round will be held. Finalists will follow the same format with a new set of judges. All finalists will be judged by the same judges.


More than one platform may be used for this event, depending on the number of contestants. Contestants will be assigned to platforms randomly.


The Video contest will be held on contest day of Montana 4‐H Congress. There will be two to three (2‐3) judges per platform. Each judge will use the scoring rubric. Using the rubric scores, judges will be asked to rank the presentations and select those worthy to continue to a finals round if one is necessary. 4‐H members should be prepared to present twice in the event they continue to finals. 4‐H members should check with contest chair to know how/where finals contestants will be posted.


The top placing individual or team will be awarded with a medal and certificate. There will be no award trip during this year (2017). However, participants may compete in another communications contest (public speaking, demonstration/illustrated talk or career) in addition to a video production ontest, to be eligible for an award trip.