A complete 4-H Shootings Sports program must convey life skills development and be
presented in such a way that is safe, technically competent and helps to instill 4-H
values in participants through teaching and example. Certified Shooting Sports
Instructors and Volunteers must be cognizant of their role as a moral and ethical
mentor, as well as teacher to youth and adults in their state and community.

Certified 4-H Shooting Sport Leaders Agree to:

  • Respect the participants, volunteers and property associated with the 4-H shooting sports program
  • Set a good example as a mentor, and role model for 4-H shooting sports youth andvvolunteer leaders
  • Conduct themselves and their programs in a professional, ethical manner
  • Strive to be knowledgeable of the life skills embodied in the 4-H shooting sports program and aid positively in the development of youth through adherence to those principals
  • Strive to be technically competent in the subject matter they teach and adhere to 4-H shooting sports guidelines and principles
  • Respect the dignity of each participant regardless of gender, origin, ability, achievement or convictions


Montana Shooting sports written in green and yellow, around the green 4-H Clover and the words "learn by doing"