Shooting Sports is the 4th largest 4-H project in Montana with over 2,600 youth enrolled annually in the combined disciplines of archery, hunting, muzzle loading, pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Trained leaders are able to provide youth an opportunity to learn safety, leadership, sportsmanship, decision making, and technical skills, in addition to the opportunity to compete at the local, state and national level.

Each county 4-H Shooting Sports program must be conducted under the supervision of a trained shooting sports leader. These trainings are offered three times a year in various locations across the state.

In order to be certified, the leaders must be enrolled in their county as a 4-H Leader, pass a background check, and complete the requirements of the Shooting Sports Leader Training. 

To be a certified leader in the State of Montana, the following must be satisfied:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Be enrolled as a leader in their respective County. Passed a background check and successfully completed the Montana 4-H Volunteer Training Modules.
  3. All training attendees must complete the four National 4-H Shooting Sports modules on Z-Suites to be certified at the end of the practicum dayThe code for Z-Suites will be share with the folks that sign up to take the trainings.
  4. Be trained and certified in any discipline(s) that they are teaching at the county level.
  5. Participants must attend the entire training and successfully complete all aspects to receive their respective discipline certification.
  6. Certification is good for seven (7) years.  If the discipline is not taught in the first 2 years, the course must be retaken.

Upon completion of the course, volunteers receive a certificate that allows them to administer 4-H Shooting Sports in their county and in the discipline they received training for. Volunteers may only be certified in one discipline per training, but may attend as many trainings as they wish. Certification is valid for seven years if the volunteer continues as an enrolled 4-H volunteer and an active shooting sports leader. A two-year lapse in participation requires re-certification to continue as a 4-H shooting sports leader.

Volunteers in 4-H Shooting Sports must be 21 years old or older. Interested minors may attend a training workshop, but are required to work under the supervision of a certified adult.

Additional opportunities for Shooting Sports Leader Trainings are available in the state of Idaho, and are put on by the Idaho 4-H Center for Youth Development.  If you choose to attend, please make sure that you have been registered in your home counties as leaders.  When the training is completed, a verification of the training will be sent to Scott Francis.

       Idaho Shooting Sports Leader Trainings:

Check the Montana 4-H  calendar for the specific dates for upcoming training opportunities.
For more information regarding the Montana 4-H Shooting Sports program, contact Scott Francis [email protected].