The Children, Youth, and Families at Risk (CYFAR) programs provide funding to university extension services for community-based programs for at-risk children and their families. Since 1991, CYFAR has supported programs in more than 600 communities in all states and territories.


CYFAR supports comprehensive, intensive, community-based programs developed with active citizen participation as well as building resiliency and protective factors in youth, families, and communities. In addition, CYFAR supports collaboration and the formation of lasting partnerships to provide a support base for sustaining programs for those at risk. CYFAR also promotes the use of technology to improve programs, provide efficient access to educational resources, and provide essential technological skills for youth and adults in at-risk environments.


The Montana CYFAR program supports projects in Pablo, Montana at the Polson Middle School and in St. Xavier, Montana at the Pretty Eagle Catholic School.


2010 CYFAR Conference - The Art of Science presentation

2017 FRTEP (Federally-recognized Tribal Extension Programs) conference case study of Pretty Eagle school


2017 NACDEP, CDS Conference (National Association for Community Development and Community Development Society, Big Sky, Montana)

2017 IACD Conference (International Association for Community Development, Auckland, New Zealand)

2015 Extension Galaxy Conference (Portland, Oregon)