Now that you know more about leadership and have had several opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, it’s time to put all of your knowledge and abilities to work. By now, you probably have awesome ideas about leadership and how to apply your skills and talents to work on a team, work and communicate with others, and help give back to the community you live in.

This is the planning and goal setting portion of leadership. This is where you get to use all the information you now have to better the world that we live in. This means setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and creating a plan of action to make a difference!

Use the Leadership Plan of Action Help Sheet and Plan of Action Worksheet to get started. The worksheet is a Google Doc, make a copy or download the document to make it your own. 

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Share Your Action

young girl on knees tying fleece blankets.

At Montana 4-H Congress in July 2022 we will be recognizing all of the County Ambassadors and Teen leaders that develop a plan of action, implement that plan and evaluate the project. All you have to do is Do it and Share It! Download the Share Your Action Flyer

Plan of ACTION Worksheet

Dowload the Plan of Action worksheet
This is a Google Doc. Make a copy or download the document to make it your own. 

GOAL/PURPOSE: What is the reason for the plan?

  PLAN: What do you plan to Do?

TIMELINE: What are the deadlines? 





RESOURCES: What do you need?

Make a list of, that you will need to carry out the plan:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Items
  • People
  • Places

RESPONSIBILITIES: Who will do what?

Make a list of who will do what and by when.  

RESULTS: What Happened?

Impacts the plan had on people and places.

EVALUATION: What worked and what didn’t work and what would you change?