The Montana 4‐H State Ambassador program provides opportunities for youth to represent 4‐H through leadership and service at the state level. State Ambassadors Officers are a select team of Montana 4‐H Ambassadors that have demonstrated leadership in their county 4‐H programs, and who are interested in developing and refining skills to teach other 4‐H youth about leadership, promotion and service.

The selection committee is formed to review officer candidate applications and carryout the process of selecting a qualified slate of officer candidates to bring forward at the Ambassador Meeting during Montana 4‐H Congress.

The committee is advised by the State 4‐H office and will include up to the following 14 people:

  • TWO retiring state officers
  • ONE representative from State 4‐H Council
  • ONErepresentativefrom State Foundation
  • ONEcounty agent or other representative aschosen by the State office. ONE representative from each of the (8) Montana 4‐H Districts
  • ONE Collegiate 4‐H member


The members of the selection committee must:

  • Attend officer selection process in conjunction with Montana 4‐H Pre‐Congress in Bozeman. Please register to attend Pre-Congress. 
  • Have a familiarity with the county and state Ambassador Program 
  • Be a representative for their 4‐H district.
  • Be objective and unbiased when reviewing officer candidate applications and throughout the selection process.
  • Be able to adhere to confidentiality and professionalism during the selection process.


Must be a current Ambassador and have the approval of their County Extension Agent. After application is submitted an email form will be sent to your agent for their approval. Please talk with your agent about your intent to serve on this comittee. 


Submit your completed Montana 4‐H Ambassador Officer Selection Committee application form to the State 4‐H Office by June 15.


The following three questions are asked on the application:

  1. What do you believe to be the three most important characteristics of a good leader? What do you think are the most important characteristics for an Ambassador Officer Candidate to possess?

  2. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a county ambassador?

  3. Why are you interested in serving on the Montana 4‐H Ambassador Officer Selection Committee?