Take a look at the resources available from the Montana 4-H Center! 

To reserve, contact Annie at [email protected] or call (406) 994-3501. If you are a club or project leader, please include in your e-mail the county you participate in. 

If you see a county near you has a resource you would like to use next, feel free to coordinate that yourself. However, we ask to please keep the State Office informed so we can keep track of the items! 


 Learning Lab Kits


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Climate Science*

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 For more information on what is in the Learning Lab Kits  pictures of the contents, go to: https://ohio4h.org/books-and-resources/learning-lab-kits. The Montana 4-H Center only has the kits listed above available.  


*Climate Science Kits were developed by MSU Extension's Community Development Specialist, Paul Lachapelle and Program Coordinator Deb Albin. Please contact them with any questions. 


Other Resources


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