4‑H is dedicated to learning and understanding how its programs help youth become responsible citizens leading healthy and productive lives and discovering critical innovations. 

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For more than 10 years, 4‑H has partnered with Tufts University to study the effectiveness of its youth development programs. This first of its kind research study found that 4‑H’s unique hands-on approach gives kids the opportunity to learn by doing and build life skills.

4‑H Study of Positive Youth Development is a longitudinal study that began in 2002 and was repeated annually for eight years, surveying more than 7,000 adolescents from diverse backgrounds across 42 U.S. states.

Montana 4-H Impact and Evaluation Tools

To have the ability to share the impacts the 4-H program has on the youth of Montana; the following survey documents are designed to utilize Likert-style questions that collect data from a Montana 4-H member's general 4-H experience related to specific program goals. Skills such as, communication, leadership and citizenship are the cornerstone of our program and together with project skills Montana 4-H believes it is actively growing true leaders. 

It is advised that survey administration and collection be done through organizational club leaders in the county. This will ensure that the most youth can report their experiences in 4-H and provide impacts from a wide variety of ages and levels of participation

For County Staff: Collection, analysis and reporting tools

Survey Administration Tools

Sample script for survey administratorsAgent instructions for collection of surveys 

Citizenship Survey

Citizenship Survey 3rd - 6th grade Document [Word] | Citizenship Survey 3rd - 6th grade Document [PDF]

Citizenship Survey 7th-12th grade Document [Word] | Citizenship Survey 7th-12th grade Document [PDF]


The citizenship surveys are recommended to be completed at the May club meeting. If it not possible to complete the surveys in May, complete as soon after as possible.

Citizenship Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [Word]

Citizenship Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [PDF]

last updated 2019

Leadership Survey

Leadership Survey 3rd - 6th grade Document [Word] | Leadership Survey3rd - 6th grade Document [PDF]

Leadership Survey 7th-12th grade Document [Word] | Leadership Survey 7th-12th grade Document [PDF]


The leadership surveys are recommended to be completed at a summer 4-H club meeting  (July-September).

Leadership Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [Word

Leadership Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [PDF]

last updated 2019

Communications Survey 

Communication Survey Document [Word] | Communication Survey Document [PDF]

 The communication surveys may be used at any point throughout the year, or as requested by your local Extension Office.

Communication Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [Word]

Communication Survey Organizational Leader Instructions [PDF]

last updated 2017

Career Readiness Survey

College & Career Readiness Survey 7-12th Grade [Word] | College & Career Readiness Survey 7-12th Grade [PDF]

last updated 2019

Instructor Evaluation Form by Youth

This form is completed by youth ages 8-17 to provide feedback on adult instructors and facilitators: 

Youth Instructor Evaluation Form [PDF]