Montana 4-H Leaders Council

All volunteer adult and teen leaders in good standing are members of the Montana 4-H Council. The Council provides key advice and direction to the 4-H Center for Youth Development and the Montana 4-H program. The executive committee of the Montana 4-H Council consists of two volunteers from each of the eight 4-H districts in Montana. These district representatives serve on the Council along with a youth representative from the Ambassador Officer Team, a young adult representing collegiate 4-H, and one from the state at-large. The Council meets four times a year and they actively support various initiatives and programs deemed important to furthering the work of Montana 4-H.

The purpose of the Montana 4-H Council, in cooperation with MSU-Extension, is to maintain and strengthen the 4-H program by: Serving to improve communication between all people interested in 4-H.

  • Providing input into determining meaningful goals and emphasis for the State 4-H Program.
  • Strengthening the support for the 4-H program in Montana through working relationships and financial support, public and private.
  • Encouraging programs in recruiting, training, and developing volunteer leaders.
  • Helping to identify opportunities for 4-H member enrichment through projects, activities, and events.
  • Providing assistance in evaluating present and potential 4-H leader and member programs, activities, and events.

Montana 4-H Council Executive Committee is Accepting Applications 

Positions currently open are referred to as “zero” terms, meaning they are filled mid-term. Following a “zero” term, committee members may complete up to two three-year terms, if elected. Positions opening in the fall will be for a full, three-year term.

Montana 4-H District Map

4-H district map