The purpose of the Volunteer Recruitment campaign is to provide tools to help strengthen local county 4-H programs. The recruitment of volunteers is an essential part of any vibrant 4-H program and a necessary part of reaching our goals.

Are you ready to recruit new volunteers?

  • Do you know what volunteers you need to strengthen your 4-H program?Use the role descriptions and the needs assessment tool to help identify keys positions that need to be filled.
  • Do you know people that can fill these roles? Use the various recruitment tools to increase the communities knowledge of 4-H and the important role volunteers play. Adapt and create messages that "ask" for the specialized volunteers you need in your county.
  • What happens when someone wants to volunteer? Be sure the county office is prepared to receive new volunteers and has a process in place for "volunteer intake". Work with the applicant to find the right role for them. It is important that this process be as positive as possible. Continue with the appropriate volunteer certification and orientation for their program role.
  • How are new volunteers recognized and welcomed into the program? Recognition is an important step in the volunteer process. This may mean including new volunteers in the county newsletter or simply sending a personalized thank you. It also may be appropriate to assign a new volunteer to a mentor that can help answer questions and ease them into the program.

Step 1: Assessment

Electronic County Needs Assessment tool [Qualtrics] Sign-up to receive the surveys for distribution in your county.

Qualtrics FAQ sheet

Qualtrics Login

Qualtrics Home on MSU Library Site

Distributing a Survey in Qualtrics 

Print Version: Adult Survey


Step 2: Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruitment Facebook posts

Volunteer Recruitment Poster, Printable [11"x17"]
This can be opened in either ADOBE acrobat or Photoshop and a text box with County specific contact information added in the bottom right hand corner.

Volunteer Recruitment Flyer [2 to a page, 4.25" x11"]

  • Editable PDF [Add county info using typewriter tool and print]
  • Printable PDF [with space for a shipping label (Avery 5164) with county info, print and add label]
  • Example [with sample county info added]

Volunteer Recruitment Bookmarks [4 to a page] Coming Soon

Volunteer Recruitment PSA's

Volunteer Recruitment News Article/Letter

Montana 4-H Talking points (with points specific to volunteering)

Parent/Adult Interest Survey (skills inventory)

Online resources and articles:

Broad-based and targeted volunteer recruitment: What works? [Michigan State University Extension]

4 Strategies for Engaging Your Volunteers on Facebook []

5 Simple Ways to Attract Volunteers with Specialized Skills []

Step 3: Intake & Orientation

Volunteer/Adult Roles

Volunteer Orientation Checklist **For County Staff, password needed

Volunteer Excellence Webinars


Visit the Montana 4-H marketing page for general 4-H promotion resources.

Visit the Montana 4-H Volunteer page for general volunteer resources.