Click here for a PDF of the FairEntry directions. 

Step by Step Instructions on using FairEntry

STEP 1: Go to the Broadwater County FairEntry website to access the sign in page.  

STEP 2: CREATE AN ACCOUNT- Everyone will have to make a FairEntry account this year, because we are no longer using 4HOnline!

1.            FIRST TIME – Click on the link to create a FairEntry Account.  DO NOT enter using 4HOnline. (After that, if you are logging back in, enter the email & password that you created and click “Sign in.”)

2.            Enter your email address twice and click Create Account.  IMPORTANT:  This must be a valid email address, so that you can receive the necessary confirmation messages.

3.            On the Account Creation page, the information requested (all fields are required): Account Name, Phone, Password (enter twice to confirm).  Click Create Account.

STEP 3: BEGIN REGISTRATION – Click Begin Registration



Each exhibitor can have multiple entries.  ONE ENTRY MUST BE MADE FOR EACH ANIMAL AND/OR CLASS, ETC.


  1. Click ADD AN ENTRY beside the correct exhibitor (if more than one has been created).
  2. Click SELECT beside the first department you wish to enter.
  3. After you select a department, you will see a list of divisions to select from, and then a list of available classes. Also notice that there are blue Change links in case you mistakenly select an incorrect department, division, or class.
  4. After you have selected the class, click the green CONTINUE button.
  5. If this is an animal class entry, you may be required to specify which animal will be exhibited in this class.
  6. Fill in all the fields with information about the animal you intend to exhibit.  Click CREATE and ADD ANIMAL when finished.  
  7. When each class entry is complete, you have 3 choices of what to do next
    1. If all class entries have been completed for one exhibitor, you can REGISTER ANOTHER EXHIBITOR, in this family.
    2. If this exhibitor has more class entries to make, you can ADD ANOTHER ENTRY FOR THIS EXHIBITOR.
    3. If ALL entries for ALL exhibitors in the family have been completed, click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT to finalize and submit your entries.  This step MUST be completed to proceed.
  8. Review your entries for completeness and accuracy.  Notice the SUMMARY and DETAIL buttons at the top of the list on the right.  If there are errors, click on the green ENTRIES section at the top of the page.  Click CONTINUE when all information is correct.
  9. Even though we do not have an entry fee, you must click CONTINUE to the last CONFIRM step to submit.
  10. Click SUBMIT to finalize the entries for all the exhibitors in this family. After you click SUBMIT, no changes are possible to these entries.
  11. If you realize you have changes after you hit SUBMIT, contact the Extension Office at 406.266.9242.


If you have any other questions, please contact the Extension Office.  We are happy to help!