PDF of the July and August 2022 Broadwater County 4-H Newsletter


A Letter from the Extension Agent
 WOW!  Looking at the next two months, they are BUSY!  First, I want to acknowledge the participants in Montana 4-H Congress who are Grace Kroeger, Colton Noyes, Kaitlyn Noyes and Codie Skillman.  They will spend four days in Bozeman in July to expand their leadership skills, participate in contests and meet others across the state.

After Congress is the 4-H Interstate Exchange with Anna Beatty, Bryleigh Erickson, Grady Erickson, Kaitlyn Noyes and Cinch Reynolds. They host 11 kids and 2 chaperones from Warren County, Missouri in July with a fun-packed week to help 4-H’ers from Missouri explore Montana.

Last, but certainly not least, is Fair.  Remember it’s not about the ribbon.  It’s about the experience, memories and friends made along the way.  Good luck and have fun!


Allison Kosto, Extension Agent MSU Extension Broadwater County



ANNOUNCEMENT – 4-H Livestock Pavilion Funded 

One of the changes that was made because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in 2020 was the addition of a tent and moving the livestock shows and sale outside.  This change has been exceedingly popular and favored by all participants and spectators.  Since that time, the 4-H Livestock Committee set a goal to erect a pavilion in that location to create a permanent structure for the show and sale.  Thanks to the hard work of Jason Noyes, chairman of the Livestock Committee, that dream recently became reality.  At the end of June, the Broadwater County Commissioners provided full funding for the project from the County Trust Board and Commission!  4-H will still have to do some fundraising for the finishing touches so stay tuned for how you can help!  The goal is to have the pavilion in place for Fair 2023.  A big thank you to Jason for all your hard work on this project!  

2022 Broadwater County 4-H Fair Entries

Fair is around the corner! A copy of the Fair Book is attached to this newsletter email. It can also be found on our Broadwater County 4-H page. In the Fair Book you will find the Fair schedule, classes, rules and entry instructions.  Please take the time to look through the Fair book, as there have been some changes to the schedule and some livestock sections.  Fair entries are due July 6th and are done online through FairEntry.  Enrolling in 4-H does not automatically enter you in Fair so make sure to do your entries as well.  Instructions on how to enter are on page 4 of the Fair Book.

Marketing Livestock Workshop

On Tuesday, July 5 at 6 p.m., Broadwater County Extension Intern, Tyler Noyes, will host a 4-H Livestock Marketing workshop at the 4-H Building at the Fairgrounds. This workshop will focus on helping 4-H members market their livestock projects. Members will be given the skills necessary to invite and encourage area businesses to support our program at the Broadwater County Fair. This workshop is for all ages and skill levels but is heavily encouraged for members who are fairly new to the livestock projects. The workshop is taking place the day before livestock projects points are due. If you need a last-minute point, this is your last chance! If you have any questions, contact Tyler at (406) 439-1535 or email t[email protected]. This workshop will be very fun and engaging! Hope to see you there!


Reminder: The office will be closed Monday July 4th. Please plan accordingly!


DID YOU KNOW?! - How To Get An Indoor Award At Fair

The Indoor Committee uses a point system to determine indoor Fair awards based on the ribbons that you receive. A purple ribbon is worth 4 points, blue is 3 points, red is 2 and white is 1. 

Certificates are given to the top 4-H junior and senior exhibitor in every project. Points are given for up to 5 entries/ribbons in every project. The more entries you do and the better you do, the more points you will get.

Medals are given in every 4-H project category for juniors and seniors. The project categories are listed both in the 4-H Clover and Fairbook. An example of a category is “Engineering and Technology” which includes the projects Aerospace, Bicycle, Electricity, Robotics, Small Engines, Welding and Woodworking. In this area, exhibitors receive points for the top 3 entries/ribbons in each project. All the projects in the category are added together and the exhibitor with the most points in the category will receive a medal. The more projects you do within a category, the greater the probability you will get a metal. Quality is important too!

An overall award is given to the top junior and senior indoor exhibitor. This award uses the top 3 entries/ribbons in every indoor project (including animal educational displays) for the overall award. This is another area where a greater number of indoor projects may yield a great likelihood of achieving the award. Quality is important too!

Indoor awards are a little complicated so if you have any questions, contact a member of the Indoor Committee or the Extension Office. 

Market Livestock Activity Requirements 

To show and sell market livestock (including poultry and rabbits) at the Fair all 4-H members must complete seven “activity points” for each market project by the Fair entry deadline. One option is to complete seven activities in the 4-H project book. The activities must be fully completed, dated and signed off by your helper. You may also choose other activities such as attending a workshop, livestock judging, outside shows, helping a younger member or organizing a workshop. For each of these items, you should write a paragraph about what you learned in that educational experience. Please use the provided form, which has been attached to the email newsletter to document your points. The form, books and documentation must be turned into the office by the fair entry deadline, July 6th.    No other books are due at this time.

Setup & Cleanup

Fair setup is on Monday, August 1st at 6:00 pm. All exhibitors are required to attend. One group will decorate the 4-H building for indoor exhibits and the other will setup the livestock barn. Cleanup is Monday, August 8th at 9:00 am. If you are unable to make it, a representative who can do the work for you may come in your place. Make sure to check in at the table when you arrive.  If no one shows up or fails to check-in within 15 minutes of the start time a $75 fee will be deducted from your sale check. This fee can be deducted for both set up and cleanup duties.


Fair Shirts & Group Photo

Shirts are provided at no cost to all currently enrolled 4-H members thanks to a donation from Northwest Farm Credit Services.  Check with your club leader for details on how and when to receive your shirt.  If you ordered an extra Fair t-shirt, please pay at the office prior to fair or during setup on Monday.  All 4-H members, including Cloverbuds and indoor exhibitors, are asked to assemble under the tent on Thursday at 11:30 am for a group photo. There is also a mandatory meeting for all youth animal exhibitors at this time.

Indoor Auction Reminder

Any 4-H member with an indoor exhibit or animal educational display is invited to participate in the 4-H Indoor Silent Auction. It is open to members who exhibit a usable item such as leathercraft, woodworking, sewing, quilting, photos, etc. All proceeds go to the member.  For more information, visit the Silent Auction webpage of our Broadwater County 4-H website. 


Livestock Buyer’s Dinner Contribution

Traditionally, the Livestock Committee has collected a $20 contribution at Fair setup to assist with the costs associated with the Buyer’s Dinner.  However, this year the committee will not be collecting this fee.  Instead, they will be deducting $10 from the final check of each sale animal.  This will be in addition to the sale commission.  We hope that change will mean one less thing for your family to worry about at Fair!


Camping and Parking

Since the tent has been added to the footprint of the Fair, we are being more strategic about camping and parking on the grounds during Fair to make sure there is adequate space for all Fair participants including rodeo contestants, spectators and 4-H families.  A map will be included in your Fair packets, which come out after the Fair entry deadline.  Please look at the map closely and adhere to the designated areas.  Campers can start arriving after Fair setup on Monday. Campers must be removed no later than Monday morning, August 8th to allow the Fairgrounds maintenance crew to begin cleanup and irrigating.

 4-H Record Books

All members selling market livestock are required to participate in an interview during Fair setup on Monday. An interview schedule will be sent prior to the Fair and include in your Fair packet. Bring an up-to-date record book to the interview. Your interviewer will want to hear about everything you learned in your project, and they will ask you questions! A description of the record book forms is below. Forms are available on the county webpage or from the Extension Office.  You can also use ZSuites to complete your record books.  If you choose this option, print out a hard copy to bring to your interview. If you are not selling market livestock, your record books aren’t due at Fair.  However, this is still a good time to get them up-to-date and become more prepared to answer the judge’s questions at Fair. All record books are due to your club leader by September 15th (or an earlier date set by your club).


Record Book Forms

Forms can be found on the county webpage on the 4-H Forms & Resources section or from the Extension Office. You can also use ZSuites to complete your record books and simply print a copy at the end of the years.

Types of Forms:

My 4-H Year: One form required each year at the front of your record book. This form summarizes your general 4-H activities & achievements. You can also record non-4-H activities.

Animal Project Journal & Financial Record: Use one form for each animal project (i.e. market lamb, breeding beef, rabbit, horse, etc.). This helps track project specific activities, feed records, financials, & health care.

Non-Animal Project Journal and Financial Record: Use one form for each indoor project (i.e. sewing, foods, leadership, leathercraft, etc.). This helps track your project specific activities & financials.

Cloverbud Record Sheet: 1 set per year for each Cloverbud. This is a journal of your 4-H activities. 

4-H Story: Optional for year-end completion but required to be eligible for awards. This is your opportunity to be creative & share a favorite experience from the 4-H year. This can be completed after Fair.

Record book covers are available from the office. Contact the office or club leader if you have questions.


Countywide 4-H Activities


4-H Strategic Planning

Broadwater County has a growing and thriving 4-H program.  As a result, the 4-H Council is updating the 4-H Strategic Plan.  The purpose of strategic planning is to set priorities, focus energy and resources and develop common goals and strategies. In order for this event to be successful and truly align with our program needs, we need YOU!  There are two ways for you to participate:

1.       Complete the survey available online via qualtrics.   The purpose of the survey is to gather basic information about perceptions, strengths and weaknesses of the 4-H program.  It will be used as a basis of the strategic plan.

2.       Attend the strategic planning session on Tuesday, August 23rd at 6:00 pm at the 4-H Building. There will be a taco bar!  This is where we will look at the survey data and develop or goals and priorities for the next few years.

I hope you choose to participate and help continue to make the best better in Broadwater County!


Committee & Council Meetings

INDOOR COMMITTEE: The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 26th at 6:30 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). Contact Karen Noyes at 406.949.4852 if you have any questions or agenda items. Agenda items must be submitted by Friday prior to the meeting.

4-H COUNCIL: The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 26th at 7:00 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). Contact Karen Noyes at 406.949.4852 if you have any questions or agenda items. Agenda items must be submitted by the Friday prior to the meeting.

LIVESTOCK COMMITTEE:  The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 7th at 7:00 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). The committee will be meeting at 6:00 pm prior to the meeting to review books and activity points.  If you have any questions or agenda items, please contact Jason Noyes at 406.949.4851. Agenda items must be submitted by the Friday prior to the meeting.

HORSE COMMITTEE:  The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 13th at 5:00 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). Any horse project members and parents are welcome to attend. If you have any questions or agenda items, please contact Jan Finn at 406.266.4992 or [email protected]. Agenda items must be submitted by the Monday prior to the meeting.

TEEN CLUB: The Teen Club will not be meeting again until September. Teen Club is open to all Middle or High School aged members. If you have any questions, contact Karen Noyes at 406.949.4852.


4-H Non-Animal Project Activities

Shooting Sports Awarded Grant

The Broadwater County 4-H Shootings Sports program was recently awarded a grant from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in the amount of $2,020 to support .22 rifle, archery and shotgun.  It will go towards ammunition, targets and safety supplies.  Thank you to all the shooting sports leaders to helping put together the grant application!


Shotgun Workshops

The Shotgun project will meet on Thursdays in July (14th, 21st and 28th) and August (11th, 18th, and 25th) at 5:00 pm at the Broadwater County Rod and Gun Club (96 Canton Lane, Townsend). If you have any questions, contact Todd Beatty at 406.490.1361 or Daniel Truesdell at 406.980.0640.


4-H Interstate Exchange

4-H families are welcome to meet and greet the 4-H Interstate Exchange delegation from Warrenton, Missouri, when we have a barbecue at Canyon Ferry Lake, Silos Recreation Area, Pavilion #1 on Friday July 22nd at 6:00pm. Please bring camp chairs and a dish to share (side, salad or dessert). RSVP to Jennifer Beatty at 406.490.1362 or [email protected] by Friday July 15th. 


4-H Animal Project Activities

Dairy Goat

There will be a workshop on Tuesday, July 19th at 6:00pm at the Henke’s (new address 200 South Railroad Ave, Townsend) Meat goat members are also welcome. We will go over getting ready for fair, answer any questions anyone has, and have an obstacle course set up to practice on. 

Beef Workshop

There will be a beef workshop on Saturday July 9th at 9:00 am at the Ferrat Ranch (191 Ferrat Lane, Toston). This workshop will be setup as a practice show, so come out and work on your showmanship skills! Please call the beef leaders with questions or concerns. John 406.949.7911, Samantha 406.949.0869 or Marlo 406.581.0531

Dog Workshops

Dog workshops are planned for Thursday nights in June and July. The remaining dates are June 30th and July 7th, 14th and 28th. Agility will meet from 5:45-6;45 and Obedience from 7-7:45. All practices will be held at Sorenson’s Barn (200 Flynn Lane). Please bring doggie bags to clean up after your dog. Bring treats (and/or toys for agility). Dogs must remain on leashes unless specified.  Bring water for yourself and your dog. Agility members please arrive 10 minutes early or stay 10 minutes late to help set up or take down equipment. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Flynn at 406.439.1471 or [email protected].

 Horse Workshops

The Horse project will have riding practices every Monday at 6:00 pm at the Fairgrounds, except on July 4th which has been cancelled due to the holiday. Depending on weather, the riding practices will either be in the indoor barn or outside in the arena. Please watch your emails the day of practices for weather cancellation notices. If you have any questions, please contact Jan Finn at 406.266.4992 or Donna Richards at 406.521.0717.


Rabbit Workshops

There are rabbit workshops scheduled for Fridays, July 15th and 29th at 5:30 pm at the Extension Office. You will be working on showmanship and agility. If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Douglas at 406. 465.3318.


Have you wormed your animal recently?
If not, it may be time to do it again! Keeping your animal free of internal parasites makes them healthier and happier and minimizes their spread when they encounter other animals at places such as Fair. Make sure you read the label and adhere to all withdrawal times. This is your legal responsibility to make sure there are no drug residues in your animal at slaughter. Don’t wait too long to give your wormer or it may be too late! Many wormers have a 30 day withdrawal time so aim to do it around July 1st!  


Statewide 4-H Opportunities

Montana Make It With Wool Contest

It is time to start preparing for the Make It With Wool contest to be held the Fall. Get out your favorite pattern and start hunting for that perfect wool fabric. Wouldn’t it be great to make a wool outfit for the contest and then already have an outfit finished for your sewing project next 4-H year?  Entry forms are due by October 1. There is also a Quilt/Applique Project/Afghan Contest this year. The fabric or yarn needs to be at least 60% wool. Contact the office for more information.


Avian Flu Update

The Avian Flu is still active across much of Montana and has been found in wild birds in Broadwater County recently. The Montana Department of Livestock did not extend the initial order prohibiting poultry shows in Montana. They do not foresee the need to do this, however it is always a possibility. We will keep everyone updated if there is a change. 

However, we highly encourage 4-H members with birds to analyze the situation prior to bringing birds to Fair and take extra measures to prevent spreading the disease.  Birds at Fair will be in close proximately of each other and could easily spread the disease.  If your flock gets Avian flu, it would mean disposing of the entire flock.  If you bring birds to Fair, please follow the following measurers.

·         Keep Fair birds inside or in a covered area without access to wild birds for at least 30 days prior to Fair.

·         Do not share equipment during Fair.  The Avian Flu can spread indirectly through shared equipment and shared surfaces.  

·         Do not let anyone other than yourself handle your bird during Fair.

·         Quarantine any birds that return home for at least 30 days after Fair and monitor for signs of sickness before returning them to the flock.

State Horse Show Information – Opportunities for Non-Horse members to participate too!

The State Horse Show is scheduled for September 9-11 at the Cottonwood Equine Center in Joliet.   A NEW feature this year is the "horseless" Horse Competitions that are open to any 4-H member.  You do not have to be enrolled in the horse project to participate.  There is a t-shirt design contest with entries due July 15th.  There is also an essay contest which is due August 15th.  The newest competition is a photography contest.  Contact the Extension Office for more information about any of these opportunities.


NEW – Horse Ambassador Team

This is a new program that is open to Horse Project participants who are 14 or older and Riding level 3 or above. Horse Ambassadors will help throughout the season with educational workshops and events for the State Show. For more information on any of the contests, please contact the office.


4-H Carnivore Conflict Reduction Program

The USDA Wildlife Services has started a new program to help youth protect their livestock from conflicts with large carnivores. The program is meant to fund 4-H/Youth conflict prevention projects in high conflict areas and reduce the financial burden on youth producers. For more information on how to get started, please contact the office for the brochure.


Other Opportunities


Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp

For 35 years, the Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp has  provided youth an opportunity to study in an outdoor classroom the sientific principles, economic realities, historical heritage, and social perspectives of today, to help these future leaders gain a natural resources perspective that is informed and progressive. Youth ages 14-18 and 13 (if graduated from eight grade) are invited to spend one week in the rustic setting of Lubrecht Experimental Forest east of Missoula and learn about Montana's natural resources. The accommodations are comfortable, the food is great, and the instruction and friendships are the best. Campers learn about forests, streams, soils, geology, range land, wildlife, and recreation, and spend a half-day rafting the Alberton Gorge of the Clark Fork River. In between the field sessions, taught largely by professionals that volunteer from a variety of natural resources-based agencies and industries, specialty evening programs, guest speakers, hands-on learning-through-discovery, and campfires provide for a lasting summer camp experience.

Find more information on the mSU website.. Application is due July 1.  Questions? Please call (406) 243-2773