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A Letter from the Extension Agent

Can you believe that the new 4-H year is around the corner?!  It’s amazing how fast it’s gone by.  The Broadwater County 4-H program completed a strategic planning session at the end of August.  I’ll have full details in the next newsletter.  However, one of the priorities identified in that process was club development.  We are in desperate need of new 4-H clubs in the Townsend area!  Currently all of the Townsend clubs are full, and we only anticipate a few openings this fall.  In order to fix this problem, we need YOUR help. You can help by becoming a club leader or helping recruit a leader.  If you won’t want to do it by yourself, then recruit a co-leader.  This is a great way to spread out the workload. We have an inactive club charter that is ready to grab and go!  Don’t sit back and watch kids who are unable to join 4-H!  Be a part of the solution!  I look forward to hearing your ideas.  Let’s talk soon!


Sincerely, Allison Kosto  Extension Agent- MSU Extension Broadwater County



New 4-H Clubs Needed - URGENT

We have a growing thriving 4-H program and need your help to continue to grow!  Currently, all the Townsend area clubs are full, and we anticipate only a few openings for the new 4-H year.  We are looking for parents or leaders who are interested in starting a 4-H Club or reviving an existing club charter for the Elkhorn Clovers 4-H Club.  As a club leader, you can grow the enthusiasm for 4-H and create a positive youth development environment. You can help shape the club into its own style and personality to fit your members.  The Extension Office and current clubs are dedicated to help you succeed in any way. A position description of a club leader is included with the newsletter email.  Contact Allison in the Extension Office if you are interested or want more information!

Broadwater County Fair Award Winners

If you won a fair award this year (Indoor or Livestock), please send a thank you note to the sponsor.  If you need the name or address of the business or individual who sponsored your award, please call or email the Extension Office.  Without their generosity, we wouldn’t be able to give out these awards!

4-H Record Books

The most important thing to do this month is turn in your Record Book!  Submit your record books to your 4-H Club Leader by Wednesday, September 15th, unless your club leaders have specified an earlier date!  Record books will not be judged but will be reviewed for completeness using the criteria below.  If the record book is NOT complete, you have time to work on it and bring it up to minimum standards. Record books must be complete to be eligible for awards.  To have a complete record book and quality for a Gold Seal of Excellence, the following requirements must be met:

        Complete at least one project.  See 4-H Clover Project Selection Guide for specific requirements for each project.

        Identify and demonstrate work towards at least three goals for the 4-H year.

        Complete the “My 4-H Year” form followed by a Project & Financial Journal and Animal Record as applicable.

        Complete at least three additional learning activities during the 4-H year and record them in your journal (i.e. speeches, demonstrations, judging events, presentations, camps, state 4-H events, etc.)


Record Book Forms

Forms can be found on the county webpage on the 4-H Forms & Resources section or from the Extension Office. You can also use ZSuites to complete your record books and simply print a copy at the end of the year.

Types of Forms:

·         My 4-H Year: One form required each year at the front of your record book. This form summarizes your general 4-H activities & achievements. You can also record non-4-H activities.

·         Animal Project Journal & Financial Record: Use one form for each animal project (i.e. market lamb, breeding beef, rabbit, horse, etc.). This helps track project specific activities, feed records, financials, & health care.

·         Non-Animal Project Journal and Financial Record: Use one form for each indoor project (i.e. sewing, foods, leadership, leathercraft, etc.). This helps track your project specific activities & financials.

·         Cloverbud Record Sheet: 1 set per year for each Cloverbud. This is a journal of your 4-H activities. 

·         4-H Story: Optional for year-end completion but required to be eligible for awards. This is your opportunity to be creative & share a favorite experience from the 4-H year. 

Secretary and Historian Books

If you are a club secretary or historian, you are eligible for the county awards!  Turn your books into your club leader by September 15th.


Carcass Evaluations

Carcass data for beef and swine has been emailed out to members.  Goat and lamb data will be coming soon.  Winners will be recognized during Achievement Night. If you have any questions, please contact the office! There were some great quality animals this year.  Great job!

Financial Reports

All Treasurer’s (including Council, Livestock, Exchange, Teen Club and Archery) are required to complete the Yearend Financial Report.  Financial records need to be reviewed after September 30th and will be due Friday October 21st to the office. The form is available on the website. We will also email the form out to all treasurer’s with instructions toward the middle of September!



The New 4-H year starts October 1st.  Instructions on how to enroll will be emailed out with the October newsletter.  However, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your projects!  Pick up your new 4-H Clover Project Selection Guide from your club leader.  Remember, if you plan on taking a 4-H project to fair, you must be enrolled in that project.  If you know anyone interested in joining 4-H, have them contact the Extension Office.

SAVE THE DATE – Achievement Night

The annual Achievement Night has been set for Sunday, November 6th at the 4-H Building at the Fairgrounds.  We will be celebrating with ice cream sundaes at 6:00 pm and the program will start at 6:30 pm.  Come to receive your awards and celebrate our achievements. Watch for more details!

 National 4-H Week

Help celebrate the 80th National 4-H Week October 2nd-8th! This year’s theme is “Opportunity 4 All”. This is a great time to tell your friends about 4-H.  Each club is encouraged to find a way to celebrate!  Here are a few ideas:

·         Put something “4-H” on every bulletin board around town or school.

·         Make a 4-H promotional video.

·         Do a service learning activity.

·         Hang 4-H flags along main street.

·         Organize a “green day” at school.

·         Do a radio PSA.



Countywide 4-H Activities

Committee & Council Meetings

4-H COUNCIL: The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 27th.  A closed-door meeting with voting representatives will take place at 6:00 pm for awards selection.  The regular meeting will take place at 7:00 pm.  The meeting will take place at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). Contact Karen Noyes at 406.949.4852 if you have any questions or agenda items. Agenda items must be submitted by the Friday prior to the meeting.

INDOOR COMMITTEE: The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 25th at 6:00 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). Contact Karen Noyes at 406.949.4852 if you have any questions or agenda items. Agenda items must be submitted by Friday prior to the meeting.

LIVESTOCK COMMITTEE:  The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). If you have any questions or agenda items, please contact Jason Noyes at 406.949.4851. Agenda items must be submitted by the Friday prior to the meeting.

HORSE COMMITTEE:  The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 9th at 5:00 pm at the Extension Office (Flynn Building, 416 Broadway, Townsend). Any horse project members and parents are welcome to attend. If you have any questions or agenda items, please contact Jan Finn at 406.266.4992. Agenda items must be submitted by the Monday prior to the meeting.

TEEN CLUB: The Teen Club will be meeting on Tuesday, September 20th at 6:00 pm at the Extension Office. Teen Club is open to all Middle or High School aged members. If you are not currently in Teen Club, but want to find out what it is about, please come to this meeting! Please RSVP to Karen Noyes at 406.949.4852.

4-H Animal Project Activities

Livestock Judging

There is a series of livestock judging practices scheduled for this fall.  Meeting will be on Monday evenings at the Braaten’s home (3835 MT Hwy 284, Townsend) through November. The start times will vary depending on daylight. The Monday September 5th workshop will be at 6:30pm at the Ferrat Ranch (191 Ferrat Lane, Toston) and will be focusing on cattle. There will be discussion on the evaluation of cattle, swine, sheep, and goats.  We will prepare the kids to represent Broadwater County in competitions around the state.  The kids will also have the opportunity to compete in four contests this fall.  The skills they learn will help them in their livestock projects. If you have any questions, contact Hugh Braaten at 406.439.8873.


Beef Project Workshop

The Monday, September 5th Livestock Judging Workshop will be focusing on cattle and held at the Ferrat Ranch (191 Ferrat Lane, Toston) at 6:30 pm. This will also be the first beef workshops of the year.

4-H Non-Animal Project Activities

Sewing Workshops

Sewing workshops are starting up again in September. These are generally held the second Saturday of the month at the Extension Office. The first workshop of the new year will be held Saturday, September 10th at 9:30am. If you have any question, please contact Sarah Holland at 406.266.3473


Statewide 4-H Opportunities

Montana 4-H Congress Recap

In July, Broadwater County was represented at the Montana 4-H Congress in Bozeman by four amazing youth. Grace Kroeger, Colton Noyes, Kaitlyn Noyes and Codie Skillman all spent the week networking and learning leadership skills in addition to participating in the Livestock Judging Contest. They all placed in the top 30 out of all of the kids participating and placed 7th overall as a team. Great job everyone representing our county!

Fall Leadership Training

The Fall Leadership Training is scheduled for October 21-23, 2022, at the Great Falls Holiday Inn and Great Falls College​. This training is open to all 4-H members aged 14 on or before October 1, 2022 and have an interest in leadership skills and having an impact on their community. ​

This training is hosted by the Ambassador Officer Team​ and will offer workshops about teamwork, leadership styles, promotion, planning, service learning, mentorship and more. ​

All of these workshops will be fun, interactive and planned by peers. ​

Registration is available ONLINE using 4h.Zsuite.org. Participants can register at any time between August 24 and October 11, 2022. We ask that families complete their re-enrollment through the waiver update page by the event date. Members/Volunteers will NOT lose their registration if done before the October 1 rollover. ​

More information can be found on the Fall Training Page

Montana Make It With Wool Contest

It is time to start preparing for the Make It With Wool contest to be held in the Fall. Get out your favorite pattern and start hunting for that perfect wool fabric. Wouldn’t it be great to make a wool outfit for the contest and then already have an outfit finished for your sewing project next 4-H year?  Entry forms are due by October 1. There is also a Quilt/Applique Project/Afghan Contest this year. The fabric or yarn needs to be at least 60% wool. Contact the office for more information.


NEW – Horse Ambassador Team

This is a new program that is open to Horse Project participants who are 14 or older and Riding level 3 or above. Horse Ambassadors will help throughout the season with educational workshops and events for the State Show. For more information on any of the contests, please contact the office.


2022 Montana State 4-H Horse Show

Registration is open until September 6th for the 2022 Montana 4-H State Horse Show! The event will be held September 9 -11th at the Cottonwood Equine Center near Joliet, MT. This event is an excellent opportunity for 4-H'ers from across the state to come together and showcase their skills. Classes offered include: Showmanship, Western and English pattern and rail classes, Ranch Riding, Trail, Bareback, Mini horse, and Ground Driving! To qualify for this, you had to have earned a blue ribbon or higher in the particular class during your local horse show. For more information please visit the fair entry websiteHere is a link to the State Horse SHow rules. .  


Northern International Livestock Exposition

The 2022 NILE show is scheduled for October 14th-22nd in Billings. Registration ends on September 1st, but late registrations will be accepted until September 15th. There are opportunities to enter: Club Calf Show, Jr. Fed Market shows in beef, hog, lamb and goat. For more information visit the website at the NILE website or to the registration site.


Montana 4-H Foundation

The Montana 4-H Foundation Board is looking for a youth representative to add to their board.   
The youth representative will incur very little cost as travel for this position is reimbursed.  They will gain insight into nonprofit boards and they will give their energy and ideas. There are about four meetings a year, and we will try to make all of them available by video connection.  They may also be on a committee and have a few committee meetings. Contact the Extension Office for the application or for more details. 


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